Domain Name Transfer

It's been awhile, readers! I would like to start off with an apology for the absence of updates that I announced after finishing off Super Mario RPG, and for the temporary two-month shutdown of this blog site. 😔

A lot of things have been happening offline so far--especially with one of my projects eating up some time (I'm slowly getting out of my mental block with that one), along with a lack of inclination to continue--that have been preventing me from updating this blog. Another reason has been because the upcoming entries of my next playthrough are dauntingly huge, both text-wise and image-wise. Since it was tricky to take out most of the images out of the console, for worry that the files might be corrupted, that the image service I use was going to shutdown, and with the memory size, I decided to hold off on it.

The email that I received last mid-February, however, delayed the updates even further. It stated to me that the domain name holder for this site was going to transfer its certification over to another domain server, making the upkeep to renew the domain even more costly.

Once I realized I couldn't access this blog anymore was when I took action. Hopefully, things will run smoothly for the next few months if the rest of the site is in good order. The sole snag is the increased cost of keeping the domain name, but I'll find a way.

I'll post updates on how that will turn out, provided my projects and other miscellaneous business don't keep me too busy.

Again, sincere apologies.