Transition/Accidental Hiatus

I'm very sorry for the unintended hiatus. *bows*

Why I held off on updating this site for so long was because I was transferring the data to my other computer. The transition was in the works since 2020, but it didn't go smoothly. After many attempts of getting this site to generate as I wanted it to, it finally fell into place once I installed other software (npm and nodejs especially), and put the dependencies for the site in properly. Though, there were still some hiccups, even as of now.

After that step, the last part to fix were the liveblogs' inline links (the page/part links that appear below the title). They did not format as it did in the old computer. Since I couldn't figure out how to correct that bug, I didn't bother with finishing the transition at all and let this site sit.

I managed a fix earlier today when I saw that the newer version of the markdown package I was using for this computer did not parse markdown text inside any HTML tags. The devs working on the package's parser marked considered it a bug and removed that feature years ago! So I moved an older version of the package from the old computer, unzipped the contents, moved it to the site's directory, and that did the trick!

In other news, I've already finished liveblogging another game, which I'll post (along with other old liveblogs, if I ever get that done) in the near future. For now, more Terranigma stuff will be coming.