Tales of Berseria - Part 95: More Hiding Out

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Outside at Figahl Icecaps, Phi asks Eleanor about whether he hurt Medissa's feelings.

It feels so sad...

Eleanor's okay with Phi stepping in to stop Medissa.

Velvet thinks Eleanor should stop feeling responsible or guilty for her actions. She's concerned about her getting malevolence.

Eizen mentions some of the causes of malevolence: pride and wrath. Is it possible that having an excess of the Seven Deadly Sins causes it?

So counting out Velvet since she's a therion, Rokurou's the only party member who fell to his own malevolence: wrath (or maybe pride?).

As for Eleanor, Eizen and Magilou point out she has an incorruptible pure pureness and her self-awareness of "her ego."

Eizen says she's okay for the time being.

Eizen: "But human hearts are fickle things. Who knows what the future holds?"
Magilou: "For most exorcists, "purity" is a construct of the Abbey's teachings." Ain't that the truth?

Magilou: "But Eleanor... She's the real deal."
Velvet: "She's not your average exorcist, I'll give you that."
Eizen: "Purity is handy for any exorcist. But more than that, it's a rare and precious temperament for living...facing one's own ugliness in an honest manner is never easy. To be a normal human is to live carrying malevolence. It's just how much you let it control you that varies."

Velvet points out the Shepherd's not willing to face that malevolence is a part of life, hence why he sticks to cold reason.

Inside the town, everyone's carrying on as usual.

We immediately go back to Titania.

It's nightfall.

Medissa threatens that she's going to unleash destruction on Titania once she's free.

Medissa: "You'd better sleep with one eye open."
Velvet: (deadpan) "Look how worried I am."

Kamoana runs to the crew!

Medissa gasps and sees Kamoana! She points out that she's the same age as Diana!

Kamoana's scared stiff of Medissa and runs away...and trips!

Eleanor frees Medissa and asks her to go to Kamoana.

Medissa introduces herself to the crying Kamoana. Awww...

Medissa: "Do I scare you, honey?"
Kamoana: "A little. But not so much as Velvet and Dyle."

She asks her if she's scary.

She mentions her nightmare about her mother...

Medissa hugs her, and tells her that she's a mother.

Happy Mother's Day indeed...

Medissa: "Mothers always love their children no matter what. No matter if we die... no matter how the world changes."

Medissa tears up too.

Kamoana consoles her.

"Fond Memories" would've been perfect for this scene...

Thank goodness Phi spared Medissa!

Phi: "I hope Kamoana and Medissa won't have to feel so lonely anymore..."

Phi asks Velvet about her mother.

Velvet: "She's dead. I lost her when I was even younger than you..."

Phi apologizes.

Velvet: "It just means we've got things in common." She smiles.

Velvet: "So no feeling sad and alone, okay?"

Phi blushes and denies he's feeling sad.

Velvet tells Eleanor to watch over Medissa and Kamoana. She politely accepts the job.

Velvet: "Are exorcists supposed to be so polite to a Grand Poobah of Calamity or whatever?"
Eleanor: "The daemon lord ought to not trouble herself over such trivialities." Oh my god, hee.

Benwick comes and tells Velvet to have Phi and her meet Grim in the south tower. She must have found something!

Dyle's also sobbing too.

Prince Percival shows more appreciation for mothers again.

Even a random pirate's wanting to be left alone to sob...

Inside the hideout, Phi asks about everyone else's mothers.

Rokurou called his mother "strict and frightening," (*shudders*) but she passed away.

Magilou was raised by a "wicked witch."

Malakhim are born "from untainted mana," or "humans are reborn as malakhim," but they forget everything they remember as a human.

Poor Phi...

Magilou tells Eizen to go "easy" on Phi when explaining these matters.

Eizen cosigns to the idea of found families, saying that one can share strong ties with them even if they're not related to them. Malakhim can even start families as well...

Rokurou consoles Phi.

We head to the south tower. Before climbing the steps, Eleanor asks how Eizen and her sister (Rqan!) are related.

Eizen explains that he and his sister were born from an earthpulse point.

Rokurou asks if "malakhim are siblings if they come from the same earthpulse point."

It depends. In Eizen's case, when she got sad, so would he. Happy, same.

He describes his sister as a bit "abrasive."

He also mentions more memories. One of them involved giving her a pendant.

Phi asks about Eizen's pendant if she made it for him. Yes, she did.

There's also a little self-portrait of Eizen's sister in the pendant...

Eizen, though, can't draw.