Tales of Berseria - Part 94: Mother

Medissa refuses to join us.

Medissa: "What happened to Diana was my fault..." No!

Laphicet intervenes!

Phi: "No! Enough mothers have died! I won't let you join them! Eleanor and Kamoana, they both lost their mothers too..." Take that, Disney!

Eleanor explains what happened to Kamoana to Medissa... ☹️

Phi: "She misses her mother..."

Medissa remembers her daughter's last words, before Diana gave into malevolence and became a daemon...

She blames herself and asks Diana to forgive her. She falls.

Velvet decides to have the party carry her, and Eizen cuffs her with an arte.

Magilou points out the manipulative nature of the Abbey by telling Medissa about the malak taboo.

Eleanor: "It's [...] just so cruel."
Magilou: "Who cares? Reason above all, no?"
Eleanor: "It's true. The way I feel goes against all reason. There's no telling what'll happen to Hellawes once we take Medissa out of here. And yet, I'm doing exactly that, all on account of my own [doubts]. Even crushing Medissa's own resolve."

Velvet: "According to 'reason,' malevolence is the fault of the individual. You assume no [...] guilt for what happens to them." Velvet's become just like the person she hates so much with that line...

Eleanor: "I refuse to turn [...from] the consequences of my actions. I chose this path to seek the truth, not to deny it. If I'm to betray reason, then that is the very least I should do."
Velvet: "You're too much, you know that? You and Medissa both. Quit overthinking...just blame the suffering on the 'Lord of Calamity.' Makes life easier."

So Velvet ain't turning back now. All this for revenge...

Velvet: "Whatever's coming, I can handle it."

We get our rewards...

Rokurou and Phi learn new artes!

Our expedition returns with a new recipe, a Heavenly Fruit Parfait!