Tales of Berseria - Part 88: Once Again to Titania

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I do some more stuff around Midgand before making it back to port and to our hideout.

It seems I found the geotree for Loegres in the cathedral! Looks like even geoboards can be used in towns too!

I also locate the geotree for the highway.

Before the port's gates, we meet our friend, the White Turtlez.

White Turtlez: (sings) "Turtlez, Turtlez, keep in tight circlez..."

He has a letter for Eizen.

Phi thinks it's a reply from the letter he sent with the pot earlier.

The letter's a threat, not a reply: "I know everything that you've done! Repent for your relentless deeds, you monster!"

Rokurou, annoyed face in tow, asks Eizen what he did to gain that threatening letter. No clue. No sender to return to either. Huh?

But Eizen dismisses it and asks the Turtlez about the other gifts. The pot's safe, but the "nor dolls," not so much.

Velvet asks what nor dolls are. They're Empyrean dolls which are supposed to bring "happiness" if one collects a complete "set of four."

Red, blue, green, and black nor dolls, huh?

Eleanor: "Do you think they're like that one we saw of Amenoch in that shop in Yseult?" Those are Grimoirh dolls, not Amenoch...

They're figures, according to Magilou, that exude a kind of "quiet radiance."

Phi asks Rokurou maybe the "her" Eizen's referring to is a girlfriend...Rokurou tells Phi "he's growing up." Phi gets embarrassed...

Eizen: "It's nothing like that. She's my younger sister....she's the only family I have left. She and I live apart for...various reasons." The curse probably? Magilou asks that too. Eleanor chastises her, but too late.

Phi understands now. He offers to help find those nor dolls for Eizen. Eizen thanks him.

Skit: Cats or Dogs?

Laphicet mentions to Eleanor a "fight" going on between the crew over which pet is the best: cats or dogs. Magilou steps in again!

Magilou: "In the shadow of every war are the battles of dog lovers and cat lovers. Between each side lies a divide, maybe not all that deep, but unbridgeable all the same."

She smiles.

Magilou: "I'd say we're lucky that the squabble you saw didn't escalate into anything more serious."

Phi makes a big mistake. He asks the crew whether they're dog lovers or cat lovers.

Magilou: Cat
Eleanor: Dog mostly, and sometimes cat "because they're cute."
Rokurou: Neither, his brother loved cats thus he doesn't, and isn't for dogs because they wag their tails so much.
Eizen: Same as Rokurou, neither.

Here we go! Phi, you opened one of Pandora's boxes with that question.

Eizen prefers squirrels instead. He mentions playing with them when he lived with his sister.

Eizen sticks with cats. They remind him of his little sister.

Velvet: "Dogs."

Velvet: "They don't betray you."

Phi tallies up the people who like cats and dogs...

Magilou says Phi's the tiebreaker and trolls Phi again. Velvet isn't too happy with what Magilou said. Magilou tells Phi he may have to go with dogs because Velvet said so.

Bienfu gets into the middle of it, stopping the fighting and telling everyone to admit "they're Bienfu people."

Velvet, flustered, asks why everyone in the crew should be "Bienfu people."

I talk to Benwick and sail away.

Tales of Berseria - Part 88a: Into a Class 4 Zone

I debark to a Class 4 Zone before going back to the hideout just to see what the place looks like. The entrance is pretty peaceful looking.

I go around, where I see a Katz Box in the back of the large circle and get a Fire Normin Set for Velvet as a reward!

Climbing the stairs...there's slime statues flanking the stairway.

I see a dark portal in the center of the circle.

I take a deep breath before entering, knowing how tricky dangerous these places are...

Velvet: "Is that a fighting arena of some sort? I don't see any daemons around."

Laphicet notices the dark aura "spewing out of the middle!"

Even Eizen senses something from it.

Magilou: "It's probably the vengeful spirits of those who fought and died here looking for glory! Oooooooooooo..." Magilou u troll.

Eleanor's a bit creeped out. Rokurou smiles. He really wants this challenge.

I quick save before taking on the dark aura.

I get an explanation from the game about Class 4 Zones. I can "Summon Daemons" to battle them, and the battle doesn't stop until all the daemons are finished.

If I lose the battles here, the game tells me in red that "I will return to my original pre-battle status."

I start the daemon battles!

Here is the battle music for the Class 4 Zone!

They're mostly just waves of slime monsters we've faced before...

We win! We get a Virtuoso's Ventite! Now I can use different artes while guarding!

The crew is exhausted as heck. Eizen now realizes why this is a Class 4 Zone.

Rokurou thinks positively, saying it's a great practice ground. Eleanor agrees, saying it's good to build up tactics, and strength.

I take a look around the Crustacean Quarter next.

What a view this place has!

I check around the arena again, where we see another Katz Box!

I head back to the ship and to the hideout!

Tales of Berseria - Part 88: Once Again to Titania (continued)

Eizen's tired. Taking on a dragon takes a toll on even the best of fighters...

Velvet decides everyone should rest. Eizen oversees the preparations for the ship.

Phi decides to try finding more earthpulse points.

Velvet smiles.

Velvet: "You're as stubborn as ever, Phi." It's like she's back with her brother again...

I save before heading inside.

Magilou tells Bienfu to sing her a lullaby to sleep. Poor Bienfu...

Rokurou tells Velvet Laphicet's in "the lower cells." Velvet's cell particularly.

Eleanor's analyzing the facts we have so far: Malakhim can become dragons if exposed to too much malevolence. Exorcists still use malakhim. She asks why the Shepherd would hide this fact from everyone if he knew...

Our expedition ship returns, giving us a Cleric's Staff as a treasure! V'z orggvat Nyonar vf n ersrerapr gb Gnyrf bs Cunagnfvn...

A pirate thanks us for being around the first mate to "watch out for him."

Everyone's hanging around the entrance to the cell rooms.

Kamoana's sleeping in the soldier's quarters. She misses her mother so much...

At the lower cells, I hear Laphicet and Eizen talking...

Phi asks Eizen for any power boosts for malakhim...

Eizen sighs, and tells him.

Eizen: "The majority of malakhim today have their consciousnesses sealed away [...] for the exorcists. But originally, malakhim were beings who received prayers from people and in return, bestowed their blessings upon nature and mankind." Kind of like Greek gods, or spirits, in a way...

Phi: "So you're saying... that when humans pray to a malak, the malak receives great strength?"
Eizen: "Yes. In general, at least. Some malakhim like me buck the system and bring about misfortune rather than divine grace."

Phi: "Oh. That's unfortunate." Heh, he sounds so matter-of-factly deadpan in that last line.

Phi: "But who would ever pray to me?" ☹️

Velvet: "Maybe you didn't lead us to any therions, Phi, but it's not like we came back empty-handed."

She mentions the orichalcum episode, and the dragon in Aldina Plains.

Laphicet, all smiles, decides that our next destination is Northgand, near Hellawes!

Velvet's smiling. Same with Eizen.

Velvet leaves.

Eizen: "When I mean 'prayers,' I don't mean outright worshipping. All I'm talking about are earnest thoughts and feelings directed at you."
Phi: "I see. So I'm already receiving prayers then."

Those are huge scratches on the wall...poor Velvet...

Eleanor points out our next destination: Northgand, "north of Hellawes, near the Faldies Ruins."

Rokurou: "With the, uh, mischief we got into last time, getting into the city might prove difficult." Eleanor's witness to that.

Eizen asks Benwick about the state of Hellawes.

The shipping guild's gone and the Abbey isn't tight on regulation there, though.

Benwick says that unregistered supply ships have been transporting relief to the port, making our way in easy if we disguise as one of the relief ships.

Velvet: "Smuggling in relief supplies for our own disaster..." The irony...