Tales of Berseria - Part 84: Up the Summit, Zamahl Grotto, and Davahl Forest

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I look back below. My goodness, that's a very long climb we made!

We circle around the edges of the summit...

Rokurou's awed by the view! Eleanor tells him to not "leap" around a lot.

Laphicet senses tons of earthpulses in the summit.

Eizen explains away the enormous energy exuding from them.

These mountains took only a thousand years compared to tens of thousands of years to rise!

Back in the old, old days, people used artes to control earthpulses and alter the land. Terraforming, huh?

Laphicet wonders how they could do that. Eleanor explains they might have gone to the certain pressure points in the landscape to affect the land around here.

Rokurou's impressed by Eizen's history.

He still doesn't know about the flowers growing around here.

Eizen: "That's why I travel. To learn."

Velvet explains those flowers are "Aldina Alabastergrass." Her brother showed her those flowers.

But they're delicate when alone. When together, they're strong.

Velvet: "In some cultures they symbolize kinship, the bonds between people."

Eizen: "I'll remember that. You and your brother taught me something new today."
Velvet: "I'll never forget either."

I go to the center of the summit.

This is it! But there's no therion here and no barrier either.

Laphicet thinks his guess is wrong. Velvet thinks he might have escaped or the dragon "might have been too powerful for the Abbey..." or the tornado must have broken the barrier...

Eizen agrees. Dragons are powerful.

The crew decides to head off to Stonebury.

Magilou: "Am I the only one here who thinks the real problem is how we're supposed to fight a frickin' dragon?"

What a beautiful view...

Now to fight that King Peacock...

Our expedition returns with more stuff, one of them includes a Fluffy Repede doll!

We make it to the eastern part of the plains...the star there's pointing to Stonebury and the dungeon entrance south is probably the forest Bienfu talked about!

Wait, it's not a forest, it's a cave!

It's Zamahl Grotto, Den of Daemons.

The Abbey's guarding the entrance.

Turning back, I notice another dungeon entrance way to the north of this area.

On the way, I activate another warp point!

Down the huge hill we go...

From a bronze chest I get the first All-Divide in this game!

The baobab-like trees beyond set our destination: Davahl Forest, Fog Shrouded Mystery.

Look at all of that miasma spurting out here!

Two plant enemies jumped out from the ground! They gave me quite a jump there!

The miasma in-game's called Red Fumes, and they're blocking our way forward into the forest. Nothing we can do here for now...

Those trees aren't baobabs, but they're clinging on to the thick rock walls. Probably thats why I mistook them for baobabs...

I save before the wooden gates of Stonebury.