Tales of Berseria - Part 72: Next Move

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I talk to a pirate who saved someone leaving a Class 4 island. She was hunting a "rare wolf" there. But the place was empty. It turns out there's something dangerous there. She tried to escape, but her ship and supplies got ravaged up badly!

Exorcists were also killed on that island!

She warns us to be very prepared before going there.

Benwick tells us we have some news from Tabatha, who has another job for us to do.

Velvet accepts the job, because she wants to see the griffin therion again!

Eizen agrees, thinking that the Bloodwings might have knowledge on the other therions.

Our only choice is to head to Port Zekson...

Inside the Van Eltia's saloon, Laphicet and Kamoana talk...and Eleanor pulls out her mother's mirror...

Kamoana sees the "pretty" mirror, and Eleanor explains what it is. She offers it to Kamoana, who sees her reflection...and cries in fright!

Oh no, the malevolence from her is kicking up again!

Eleanor: (thinking) "When I was her age...that's just how I cried..."

Eleanor disrobes and shows Kamoana her scars...

She asks Kamoana if she's "scary." No.

Kamoana then asks her if she's scary. No. Eleanor reassures her that she isn't.

Eleanor got the scar when she got attacked by a daemon. But her mother shielded her! ☹️ The feels...

Her mother's last words to Eleanor: "Stay strong and keep living."

Velvet interrupts! Grim has an update on the translation!

Velvet notices Laphicet's blushing...oh, Laphicet...

Grimoirh asks us about the second verse of the song. Laphicet recites it.

Velvet: "We think that passage means that Innominat and the therions will be revived by a chosen one, right?"

Grimoirh: "The song means that Innominat chooses who becomes therions?"

Grim recites the last part of the second verse again.

Velvet: "...that someone receptive to Innominat's power will be reborn as a therion." Oh god!

Rokurou: "Which is to say that the Abbey figured out how to turn people into therions and then got right to work."

Eleanor's in shock at the twists and turns of the story so far!

Velvet assumes the Shepherd may be a therion too.

Grimoirh recites the "forever reborn" quote again, implying therions might be reincarnated or something...

Velvet: "Even if you kill one, there are more waiting in line. They can't be wiped out."

Velvet's still considering Kamoana for execution... please no

Velvet: "But therions can't be killed. Not truly."

Eizen: "So...if you kill one, another person who's receptive to Innominat's power will be reborn as one."

Laphicet: "If you don't kill them, the next ones won't be born."

So our next goal is to take the therions from their prisons, and hide them from the Abbey.

Laphicet's determined to take care of his bug.

Rokurou: "Yeah. You take real good care of that thing now, got it?" Oh Rokurou, you sounded like Shiro there for a second.

Rokurou agrees with the idea of having a hideout as well. He asks Eizen if he has a base. Nope.

Velvet's thinking of a place to have malevolence available for the therions, but out of the Abbey's reach.

But we decide to stop by Loegres in Midgand this time.

Grim looks grim and deep in thought. She's thinking of something else...

Back at the port, there's some tension going on between the other pirates!

Laphicet's worried about them...

Velvet tells him not to worry.

But Benwick's not happy as the price to dock the ship has risen!

We definitely need a hideout.

So we're now "most wanted" in the capital. Devilry.

Eizen gives up arguing and has Benwick pay the fee.

That'll be the last time we dock at the port...

We get a Jacketless Outfit for Eleanor!

And our expedition turned up something super nice: a Bodhi Blastia Bracelet nxn Lhev'f Oenpryrg! I read the description: it curses the wearer "with a sweet tooth!" Hee.

Magilou has Eleanor try on the bracelet. She refuses. They keep on reciting expressions to each other, ending with "even Eleanor sometimes nods."

I save here and wander around port.

Rumors are spreading that we may have summoned a dragon from Lothengrin...

Inside the inn, I hear merchants profiting off of the Gate's closure. There's also friends of theirs trying to bribe the Abbey to delay Gate repairs. No go. They're more uptight than the church is.

Laphicet finds the idea of the good stuff in the bad interesting.

Eizen: "There's a front and back to every coin."

There's a lot of quid pro quo going on between the merchants here...

The sailors aren't too happy about going around Vortigern to go to Reneed, now that its closed off to everyone. They think that the Abbey hasn't been doing a good job. They talk about us too.

Rokurou: "Yep. Standing right here."

The sailors now mention our exploits in full, even the real story about High Priest Gideon's fate.

Magilou: "Looks like our infamy is growing by the day."
Rokurou: "Maybe they've even put a bounty on us by now."

Magilou's still a bit insulted at the labels the sailors are giving us.

Velvet considers the confusion as a plus to us.

A merchant's shocked about Southganders eating pengyons, yet delivers a pack of raw rappig. Hypocrites!

The Aifread pirates work on repairing the Van Eltia.

We get a history of the Van Eltia. So the Midgand kingdom built this ship. Its engineer came from "the far continent." But it's a cursed ship, taking out its captain, first, and second mate before Aifread and Eizen came along.

And an interruption offline ensues! I'll have to stop here since I've covered a lot of ground for this session today!