Tales of Berseria - Part 54: Pit Stop At Reneed

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Rokurou wonders where the herbalist is...

Eizen notes the corsair's scourge can be cured with "sale'tomah."

Aside: The "sale'tomah" is another subtle Tales reference. Vg'f npghnyyl gjb anzrf, Fnyru naq Gbuzn sebz Gnyrf bs Erovegu.

Eleanor's worried that corsair's scourge can be contagious. The disease can only be caught in the middle of the ocean, Magilou says, thinking it's the salt in the air or water.

Eleanor's also worried about "sale'tomah." Does she know the side effects of that flower? The flower tastes terrible, "even [bringing] a daemon to the brink of tears..."

We're at Port Reneed, the Waterside Village.

I get another skit showing our progress on the expedition so far.

Velvet's coming around to the idea about exploration...but she isn't. She gets another flashback...

Another skit: Magilou complains about Rokurou again, calling herself a "delicate maiden."

Now she's thinking of putting Rokurou on a witch trial...

Laphicet giggles.

Eleanor's still wondering about what happened in the tunnels during Rokurou's duel with Shigure.

Eleanor: "I feel like I saw who he truly was, and it frightens me. But he and Lord Shigure are always trying to kill each other... I can't understand why he did what he did."

Eizen explains that it's probably got something to do with his moral code (TW: for mentions of death and suicide in link): "Be loyal to your lord, respect your elders, protect the weak, and act with honor."

Eleanor thinks he was trying to protect her? Hmmm...

Eizen: "He might have turned into a daemon but his memories and personality are still intact. I doubt his [morals] disappeared either."

Magilou overacts and says that he attacked Velvet immediately the first time they met. Yep. That's true. Same with what he almost did to Laphicet during his fight with Kurogane.

Velvet says that he just "lives for his sword." Eleanor thinks he's still not that a bad guy. He's a "problematic fave," at best, imo.

Velvet's surprised at Eleanor's judgment of Rokurou.

Eleanor: "It's like...he's more sensitive to other people's emotions than he might seem to be at first glance."

Aside: I'm guessing here that Rokurou might have been bullied by his older brother a lot when he was younger. Also, since he's the youngest sibling, that probably made him sort of sympathetic to others. If one adds in his adherence to his moral code, Rokurou's entire character sort of makes sense...

Velvet's getting a bit irritated at her insight...

Up to the port we go, where I see a Katz.

Two fishermen think Titania's an experimentation ground, where the Abbey tests daemons...eeee....

Velvet considers their theory "not a bad one."

The fishermen then laugh it off, thinking it might be pirates... they were so close to the answer...

No Abbey patrol ships were around Titania either after the prison break. Hmmm....

The young fishermen has "a sixth sense" when daemons are around...

The apothecary in Westgand's in the village west of the port, I'm told.

In the storehouse a soldier and a woman are wondering why there are exorcists in Warg Forest. And why is the Shepherd himself ordering them to go there?

I learn from another soldier outside that the Van Valvali also "donates supplies", or in Eizen's case, stores goods for a quick anchor.

So Burnack Plateau's north, and Warg Forest is east through the Fens of Nog...

While crossing the long bridge over to the village, Laphicet points out the bridge's "interesting" qualities.

Eizen delivers more history on Reneed as a port. Port Reneed was meant for smaller ships.

Eizen continues, saying the town made the port on the other side for larger ships and the bridge is what connects it. Plus, Aifread's crew secretly funded and stocked the resources for the whole construction!

Too bad the port got regulated by the Abbey again! It would have been prospering without the regulations...

Eizen gloats again that the crew could slip in and out unnoticed. Velvet points out his gloating thrice...

Into the village proper we go!

Even with the rain pouring, it's a comfy place. Here's the music for the village.

The Bloodwing agent looking at the lake has new jobs for us: a Trickstar and a Plantasm to go after.

Rumors are spreading about the High Priest's death. The girl thinks that's impossible...

Then the sailor exaggerates about the daemon's appearance, mentioning "razor sharp horns and three burning eyes"! Lol...

Magilou: "A horned giant with three eyes, huh? Velvet, you're one scary lady!"

There's an orderly blocking the way to a house...the people get the official info about what happened to the High Priest.

Rokurou: "The Abbey's trying to cover it up, but the truth is getting out."

The orderly even says "inconceivable" to the rumors concerning the High Priest, mentioning the "tip-top elite" security of the palace.

The people are thinking about giant daemons in the capital. It must be Velvet's arm they're talking about.

The orderly mentions that "panic and confusion are what the daemons want."

There are daemons under the Abbey's nose in this village.

There's chaos in the village despite the tranquility of the town...

I do more business at the local weapon shop here. My god I"ve got a lot of Calcite Bracelets...

After that's done, I see a silver chest nearby, but I have to circle around two houses to get it.

There's also another guy there under a tree with a tengu mask!

Tales of Berseria - Part 54a: Tales of Character Cards

The tengu-masked boy calls himself "Hidemi, third son and rising star of the Character Card family!"

It's sort of like a memory minigame of sorts, but it's a bit more complex.

I decide to give it a go!

The characters for each card show all of the characters from almost every Tales series released in North America...the music for the minigame sounds familiar to me, for some reason.

I get 41 points from Round 2! So there's three rounds total...

I finish the last round, looks like I win!

Tales of Berseria - Part 54: Pit Stop At Reneed (continued)

I check out the inn, head outside, open the last chest here, and save!

The village is pretty small...

I see a Katz Box perched on top of a tall crate, freeing the Katz inside gets me a Shiba Inu Tail!

I now speak with the herbalist here for the sale'tomah flowers.

But the herbalist doesn't have any...

Eizen gets a bit irascible at the herbalist since the sale'tomah's in season.

But a daemon was spotted in the Warg Forest where the flowers are harvested! The Abbey's looking into it, but they haven't taken care of the daemon for some reason.

Eleanor asks why. The daemon's hard to catch, the herbalist says. And once they saw them, they didn't "come back alive."

Magilou: "Never a dull moment with the Reaper's Curse, eh?"

Eleanor reacts to the "Reaper's Curse" line.

Velvet decides to go to Warg Forest directly.

Behind the two houses, a pioneer and his son are arguing whether to stay or go.

Bienfu makes another malapropism.

The pioneer's thinking about the long term via a thousand years.

Eleanor vows to end the daemonblight herself! She talks like a politician.

The rugged pioneer then asks Eleanor to marry his son! She's taken aback!

A woman's heard about the Warg Forest's daemon...she thinks it's invisible, or too fast or small to notice.

So the exorcists, as the woman tells us, are "patrolling in shifts."