Tales of Berseria - Part 52: Maritime Confrontation

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I was building up most of the party's cooking skill levels. So far, it seems to be passable.

Expedition check: Found new treasure and a new location: a set of islands that don't use items in combat! Another Tales game's referenced here...

The new treasure the scout crew found is a Spiria Core Crystal!

Rokurou's interested in "cutting" the stones, thinking the gems' cross-sections are prettier. Laphicet asks why. Rokurou has a tendency to cut everything that's "hard." Stones and metal mostly...

After a few battles, we head to the port!

Port Cadnix, Mining Base is the port's name.

I also find another Katz Box, and rescue the little Katz there!

Across the way, I also open a chest with a Tranquillo ribbon for Eleanor!

I look at the port beyond. From a distance, we see Shigure and two exorcists!

Expedition check: We get another recipe: a Berserker's Palmier!

I go to a weapon salesman, who's surprised that everyone in the port's vanished!

With Rokurou as leader, I slowly walk to the smug legate and his troops!

Morgrim points out that we took care of the exorcists in the mine.

Shigure decides to test Rokurou's new weapon out!

Morgrim flees into her vessel for this fight again!

Laphicet tells Rokurou they can take of the exorcists, and "to go and find his victory [against Shigure]." Rokurou thanks him.

Velvet and Eizen make gazes at each other, strategizing at this point...

Shigure: "Alright, let's get down to business!"

Now Shigure has new weaknesses and strengths! He's weak to fire, but strong against earth!

Shigure: "Better not die too quickly on me! I want this to be fun! C'mon, bro, don't hold back!"
Rokurou: "Shut up! Don't play games with me!"

Shigure's not unleashing his Mystic Arte...

As soon as I change strategies, he unleashes it: Rangetsu Eagle!!!

Afterwards, it's now a revive-and-fight match, but Shigure's health goes down, and he unleashes his Mystic Arte once again!

Rokurou feels the full brunt of his brother's Rangetsu Eagle, and Kurogane's daggers are broken!

Shigure: "You put up a good fight, I'll give you that. But you're a frickin' daemon. Shouldn't ya bring more to the table than that 'pretty damn good Rangetsu style'?"

Oh wow, put-downs... /sarcasm

Rokurou, riled up, throws away one of his daggers, and fights him again!

His daemon eye shines and he charges again!

Holy heck, his hand!!

Rokurou tries to get the final blow in, but Shigure dodges it!

Eizen and Velvet charge in!

Rokurou gets thrown to the ground!

Shigure's impressed by Rokurou's surprise attack! He loves this fight!

He tosses the proto-Stormhowl at Rokurou's feet.

Shigure calls the battle a day and gives everyone an ultimatum!

Shigure: "If y'all want any hope of beating me, come find me once you're more skilled and better armed!" We will.

And Rokurou makes a resolution of revenge, not unlike Khan Noonien Singh's...

Rokurou: "I'll cut you down...No matter how many times I lose, no matter how many years it takes..."

Shigure's even more impressed. He really wants such a fight. He compliments Rokurou's "vicious, perfect face."

He laughs mightily and leaves Rokurou hanging...

Eleanor's in shock at Shigure's bloodlust.

Morgrim comes out and tells Eleanor to worry more about herself, since "the entire Abbey knows by now that [she's] a traitor." She runs off.

Laphicet points out the obvious: Shigure is not a man one should mess with.

Eizen knows that the exorcists, especially the legates, are strong.

But Velvet's determined to beat Shigure and the entire Abbey, no matter what.

The Van Eltia's arrived just after Shigure's left port.

Kurogane's there. He asks Rokurou if he could join the crew.

Kurogane vows to make a sword stronger than Stormhowl...

Kurogane: "But for another blade to beat Stormhowl...its wielder must be a swordsman of unmatched skill."

Rokurou thinks about it and asks Eizen.

Eizen: "If there's not enough [room on the ship], make someone wear it."

Rokurou laughs. It's the first time in a while he's done that.

Magilou reminds us of our mission: to find Grimoirh in Yseult in Southgand to translate the book we found in the villa!

We receive our rewards from the battle with Shigure...