Tales of Berseria - Part 50: Enter Shigure and the Swordbreaker Kurogane

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The Swordbreaker talked! His final words are "no..."

That man broke Stormquell!

Aside: About the guy who finished off the Swordbreaker, his voice sounds familiar...

Eleanor introduces Shigure, who's an exorcist legate! So this guy ranks higher than a praetor, huh? I'm betting Melchior's the second legate.

I'm right again! Eizen confirms Melchior is the second one!

He turns around with a smile on his face...

He asks Eleanor if she got transformed into a daemon, or if she turned against the Abbey. She doesn't know what to say. She can't tell him outright that she's on a mission!

But he brushes that aside, saying that it's none of his business. He has a similar personality to Rokurou. I wonder if the Rangetsu clan was well-known for their laidback demeanors, but serious devotion to their traditions? Or is it just these two?

It seems he's beaten Rokurou to beating Stormquell.

His cat talked, mentioning Rokurou!

Shigure confirms he's Rokurou's older brother!

Velvet's a bit shocked!

He taunts and teases Rokurou big time, saying he's gotten stronger than he did three years ago!

Rokurou pulls out the daggers, and unveils his daemon eye once more!

Shigure's now more excited to take Rokurou on!

The cat is Shigure's malak, as she disappears into her vessel...

He draws his big sword, his "real Stormhowl!"

He demonsrates its power, sending huge shockwaves!

Rokurou tells Laphicet to stay back this time!

A one-on-one duel using Rokurou alone! This is getting a bit exciting...

Shigure gets the first strike!

Shigure: "Ha! It's been too long since we crossed swords, brother!"
Rokurou: "Shut up! ...I'll make you regret sparing my life last time!"

I whittle down his health a bit!

Shigure: "You're feisty as a daemon! I like it!"

Oh boy...

Shigure then announces his fight over!

Laphicet worries about Rokurou again, and accidentally has Eleanor save him! Whoops again...

Rokurou pulls out his shattered Stormhowl!

Shigure's getting more interested...oh god... ☹️

His malak is summoned!

Shigure then calls the battle over, taunting Rokurou, and points him to the Swordbreaker so he can repair his broken sword...

So the Swordbreaker's Kurogane himself, huh?

Shigure tells Rokurou he'll be meeting him at Port Cadnix for a rematch. He's the ticket to get out of Cadnix Island.

Eleanor tries to explain her mission, but he thinks she's siding with them, since she already saved one of their lives, oops...

Shigure promises to end her if he sees her again. Oh god... ☹️

Eizen knows this isn't Shigure's full power...

Velvet thinks of fighting him four-on-one. Kurogane steps in, saying there is only one way to beat him...

Rokurou follows him.

Velvet says to Laphicet that "this is something Rokurou has to do alone..."

Eleanor points out Shigure's stronger than the Shepherd. Oh god...

Magilou compares the crew to pinned mice and the cat as Shigure...he's taking his time.

In another skit, I learn the cat malak's name is Morgrim from Eleanor. But that's all she knows about her.

Shigure can take on exorcists or daemons even without his malak?!

We've never seen him use his malak artes at all...

Eleanor names Morgrim as "one of the seven wonders of the Abbey." Hmm...

Bienfu steps in, delivering more details about Morgrim, saying Morgrim's lazy, and that one of the conditions of her pact requires grooming her like a cat.

Velvet doesn't want to know Shigure's full power if he's more stronger than the Shepherd.

Expedition check: We get another treasure, with the crest of Innominat on it!

From the relic, Velvet realizes the Empyreans' power is even greater than she expected...

Further on, I head inside a crawlspace into the next area!

Velvet questions Eleanor for attacking one of her own. She lies, saying she was worried about Rokurou. Laphicet's power made her do it.

Velvet's now raising suspicions...

She tells her to only protect Laphicet, even if other allies take the fall...

Laphicet thanks Eleanor for covering for him.

He also thinks that she would also go out of her way to protect people like her brother.

Eleanor's thinking, and wheels are turning...oh god...what is she planning?

I explore these tunnels a bit more, avoiding enemies on the way...

I manage to get earrings for Magilou in a chest, which are effective protection against undead monsters!

We manage to make it down to the depths of the tunnels...

It seems the Swordbreaker's, or Kurogane's workshop is nearby...

Finally, a save point!

Aside: I accidentally got half-spoiled for Shigure since I might have seen glimpses of him while I was scanning through Tumblr to look for fanart of this game.