Tales of Berseria - Part 43: In an Unknown Place

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???: "Velvet, wake up."

It's Celica.

Velvet tells her just a few more minutes...

Celica mentions to Velvet "a task she entrusted her with."

Seres: "Yes, I asked you to take care of him."

Velvet wakes!

Where are we?

It looks like we're in an interdimensional cave. It's beautiful, but very otherwordly.

I get chills looking at the scenery.

Velvet wonders to herself if the exorcists took care of her...

Her wounds have healed!

But black dots, or flies, fly around the unconscious Laphicet.

He has a fever...

Laphicet: "Please...don't die...Velvet..."
Velvet: "You saved my life. Now it's my turn to save you."

She carries him.

Velvet: "First, we've got to get out of here!"

We head into a portal!

We are lost!

Velvet: "Where is this place anyway?"

No end in sight here.

Eizen appears, and says we're actually at an earthpulse, and we're trapped. He points out that we're lucky we're still alive.

Eizen explains more about earthpulses...

Eizen: "[An earthpulse] is like a river flowing with nature's life energy."

They're found all over the world, but one can't see or feel or interact with them usually.

Eizen: "When Innominat and Laphicet's powers collided, the shock must have torn it open."

He guesses that Laphicet has the power to bring everyone back to the world...

Eizen then says Laphicet's about to turn daemonic anytime soon...oh no...

Velvet stops him, but remembers the Lancer malak from the island prison...

Velvet: "Is this because he overused his powers?" Most likely.

Eizen explains that a pure vessel is needed to prevent daemonblight from spreading onto Laphicet.

Eizen can't become daemonic since he has a vessel: the coin.

However, in Eizen's case, the coin can "only take in a vessel with the reaper's powers."

Velvet: "Then, that's no help at all!"
Eleanor: "An exorcist would work."


Eleanor: "We offer our own bodies as vessels for malakhim so that we can use them for the Abbey's purposes."

So when Laphicet was free of Teresa, that means he's now prone to daemonblight.

Eleanor: "I volunteer to serve as your malak's vessel."

Oh god, Velvet...Eleanor tells her not to move!

Eleanor threatens to turn her spear on herself, and they will be stuck in the earthpulse!

Eleanor recites one of her master's maxims.

Velvet: "As cowardly as I'd expect from a disciple of Artorius."
Eleanor: "No, this is personal! Once I regain my exorcist powers...I vow to challenge you, daemon Velvet!"

If she loses, she goes with Velvet.

Laphicet mutters to Velvet not to die.

Velvet stands down, and Eleanor gives us more lore on how malakhim get their names.

Velvet rebukes her, and says Laphicet's name.

Eleanor begins the ritual.

Eleanor: "O child of the fountain of creation, these vows we exchange. May our purpose resplendent help to purify this cursed world. Remember this true name I bestow unto you..."

Eleanor's in shock at the level of power Laphicet has.

A bright light glows...