Tales of Berseria - Part 37: Miss Magilou: Or, How Magilou Got Her Powers Back!

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Bienfu comes to the rescue! Not!

Bienfu lands on Laphicet's hands! Laphicet's face brightens up at his cuteness! So does Bienfu!

Now Magilou peers from the shadows!

The music that plays next is an amusing piece...

Magilou drags Bienfu by the hat!

She now chants: "You, descendant of the Seventh Grove, see our vows renewed. May our prayers of discontent vanish infinitesimal into the void! Remember this true name I bestow unto you... Fuschie Cass!"

Magilou laughs. She now has her powers back!

Magilou: "...Oh, now it is OOOON!!!"

Eleanor: "That power...are you an exorcist?"

She corrects her by saying she's a witch. She wipes the back forces away with a splash of water!

Magilou: "But, if it's a name you need...call me Miss Magilou!"

Eleanor is not impressed.

Eleanor: "A human consorting with daemons. Have you no shame, girl!?"

Now her troops include a Two-Sword Orderly malak!

I get a tutorial on switch blasts. Now we can switch characters!

A switch blast is like a dynamic switch party member attack!

The game hints that we can get six characters total!

But it's at a cost of 1 blast gauge...

Velvet: "You owe us, Magilou."
Magilou: "Oh, I'm nothing like Rokurou. I forget my debts so fast."
Velvet: "Then pay us back right here!"
Magilou: "Always invest responsibly, children!"

I accidentally switch control to Magilou...

...she's getting hit a lot out here!

I switch back to Rokurou!

Eleanor and her malakhim are now wounded...

She calls upon her two malakhim to take care of Velvet! She eats them both!

Eleanor's in shock at her power!

Velvet socks her in the stomach. Owch!

She slowly approaches High Priest Gideon.

Gideon justifies his Nectar operation as "for the sake of the Abbey." Guvf fbeg bs srryf yvxr Lhev xvyyvat Phzber nyy bire ntnva...

She pulls out the blade.

Gideon has his last card to play: he asks if it was Artorius that sent Velvet.

Velvet's eyes widen.

Gideon now thinks Artorius wants to end him! And now he's taken in by daemonblight! Oh no...

Gideon now becomes a lizard daemon, charging at Velvet, also wanting revenge against Artorius!

Laphicet tries to go to Velvet!

Velvet saves him!

Velvet gets angry at him again for being in harm's way, telling him not to die. Laphicet tells her the same and heals her.

Magilou: "Priesty's getting away."

We get our rewards! Magilou also gets rewards too!

More pointers on switch blasts...

Now Magilou formally joins the party!