Tales of Berseria - Part 33c: The Red Crates Job

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Now for our final job!

The woman in black's looking at the fine alcohol collection on the left side of the tavern. She's impressed. She's seen nothing yet.

Our final task is to destroy a bunch of stuff inside red crates in a warehouse in the port. There must be some contraband lying inside those crates...

Eizen has the Van Eltia draw guards away from the warehouse...

Laphicet's curious about what's in the red crates too.

I save at the city square before heading out.

I'm betting finding that scholar was the longest task we had to do. Lucky I did that one first!

I sort of spoiled myself a bit before getting to this part: there's a boss battle in this job and it's going to be against someone very familiar...

The guards are now talking about doing everything they can for the Shepherd.

Everyone's talking about the Shepherd at the port, and a new age of peace...

I enhance and dismantle more stuff again...the weapon shop in the port has the same surname as the protagonist (Qhanzvf) from another Tales game.

We have too many Amber equipment...

After that business, we head for the docks.

I find some Bread Crumbs near a shipment of crates.

We see a nearby Bloodwing Agent, who gives us our reward for beating Orc Kong, the code red daemon in the highway...

One of the guards at the north gate tells us the road is closed because of construction of the new Abbey temple. Hopefully, we'll get to see it...

One townsperson tells her friends that she's been praying for safe construction of the Empyrean's Throne up north, where the unfinished temple is, after hearing the Shepherd's speech...

We make it to where the warehouse is.

Velvet: "Alright, the guards are gone. Let's move in."
Eizen: "Benwick and the crew did a find job."

We talk to a guy near the docks with Peek-a-Bangs, who tells us the Abbey's building a new base, and thinks it's a waste of money building a new temple. Instead, it should be used for more daemon hunting.

Velvet questions him if he's sure that he should say things like that around the city. He's not swayed by the Shepherd's speech. This is a smart person right here.

He adds that there's no cure for daemonblight, and there are still more daemons lurking around. He even mentions that daemons might have infiltrated the capital while no one's watching.

Velvet: "Yep, you're completely right." That guy is clever.

Warehouse, here we come!

After opening the chest here, I have Velvet go to the huge pile of red crates we need to destroy in the corner...

The crates have the Midgand Cathedral seal on it.

Eizen asks for a peek inside. No chance.

Velvet asks Laphicet to burn the crates.

Looks like that's done...

Outside, that exorcist is here! Oh no...

She's now planning to get an audience with the Shepherd asap about Hellawes.

And she spots them!

Velvet continues taunting her.

Eleanor: (corrects Velvet) "Eleanor Hume, exorcist praetor."

She summons two Duelist malakhim.

The fight is on!

Eleanor: "You won't get away this time!" Velvet: "You really want a fight, don't you?"

I have Rokurou take care of the two malakhim...

Now that they're gone, I switch my artes on the menu, based on the exorcist's weaknesses!

Her twirling staff can also paralyze the party!

I draw her focus to Rokurou, while Laphicet casts more spells at her!

Velvet: "Willing to fight without your malakhim?"

The exorcist looks at the warehouse...

Eleanor: "No! You set the storehouse ablaze?! The people have worked so hard to withstand this time of crisis...How can you destroy what they have so painstakingly built?!"

Because she can, I say.

Velvet: "Because I'm not human."

The exorcist is about to summon another malak...

Velvet's prepped for more...

Oh boy, it's a mascot character: a small, purple malak with a top hat with big oval holes cut above the brim for his eyes!

Laphicet calls him "adorable." But, knowing from Secret of Mana, it's usually the cute ones that are dangerous...

???: "Ooooh, I've found you at last!" Mascot: "That bad-bad voice!"

Magilou: "Bienfu, you traitor!? You'll never leave my clutches again!"

Yes, run, Bienfu, run!

Magilou jumps off the bow of the ship!

Eleanor's not happy Bienfu ran away.

Other citizens are now seeing the fire.

Velvet and crew walk off.

Rokurou carries Magilou with him!

Magilou: "...Witchnappers!" Hee...

The people now come to the exorcist's aid. She tells them to put out the fire in the warehouse.

Eleanor asks a citizen what was in there. Nectar...oh my god...

She asks why the crew would want to destroy Nectar...if Eleanor knew about the addictive qualities of Nectar...

I get an Intermediate Ignicite for winning!

I now get pointers on status ailments and dropped items.

Magilou cries, robbed of the opportunity to get her revenge on Bienfu the mascot!

Laphicet whispers to Magilou about Bienfu. Now she "knows where to find him!"

So the malak Bienfu is her target.

Magilou exaggerates yet again.

Magilou: "A Creature of Unfathomable Wickedness and Beguiling Cuteness who broke the heart of this wretched maiden!"

Rokurou and Laphicet don't get why she wants revenge on such a malak...

Another skit: Rokurou announces we've done everything on the list. Laphicet's stomach rumbles. More mabo curry for him!

I'm reminded again that Velvet can't taste anything, she's not too comfortable about that. Rokurou tells Laphicet about that issue.

One more skit: Laphicet asks Rokurou if he feels "useful" to the crew. He points out everyone's strengths, and he points out his own flaws: "not good at fighting," and his gloominess...

Eizen cheers him up by saying "offense alone isn't everything." He tells Laphicet his healing artes are what keep the crew going.

Velvet puts down Magilou again, while saying Laphicet is useful. Oh my god...

Laphicet's not too comfortable about being compared to Magilou. Velvet corrects herself. Eizen says "patience."

Eizen: "You've only been set free. That you've managed to keep up with us this far is a feat in and of itself."

He tells him to "keep [his] spirits up, and keep working at it, and [he'll] get there before [he knows] it." Awww...

I save and fight some more.

Expedition crew returns, and we get a Pirate Flag!

I read the synopsis on the way back. Eleanor's complaining under her breath as to why she was assigned Bienfu as a malak, Rokurou complimenting the "sense of style" the red-scarved daemons had...

I build up the party's cooking skills...and Rokurou's the first character to have his cooking leveled up!

In one battle, we face some Snakes, and we finish them off like usual...

...but why am I not being transitioned to the victory scene?

I realize why quickly: I get my first Dire Foe, a Sacred Baboon!

I finally finish off this tough foe after tons of time!

I get a Pioneering Ignicite, and a Silver Scrap as new items!

The game tells me more about what a Dire Foe does: they attack less when their HP is high, and that I can escape from them anytime!

Now we head back to town...

Skit: Eizen asks about Eleanor the exorcist. Rokurou explains her teary-eyed introduction back at Beardsley.

Eizen's gaping in shock at the idea of an exorcist crying...she cried because she doesn't agree with the Shepherd's philosophy of sacrifice. Velvet calls her "naive."

Eizen doesn't think so. He calls her strong for still doing her job anyway.

Eizen: "It sounds like that they don't hand out the rank of praetor to just anyone [...] just stay sharp around her. That's all."

Rokurou asks Eizen if Bienfu is a malak. He is. Rokurou also deduces that Magilou is or used to be an exorcist, and asks why she calls herself a witch.

She must have done something the Abbey wasn't happy about that caused her to get thrown in Titania...

Eizen thinks she might be a fraud. I'm still guessing she's a spy for the Abbey.

Lol...Rokurou does a very good impression of Bienfu: "I will protect you, Madam Eleanor! Face me now, daemon!"

Laphicet laughs. Rokurou notices. Laphicet aplogizes. Rokurou points out there's nothing wrong with laughing, and does one more Bienfu impression.

Rokurou has Laphicet do one too. Velvet tells them to "knock it off" in a sharp tone.

She mentions people are staring...

Oh my god, that was such a funny skit! I think I remember saying before that Rokurou is this game's Lhev (ciphered name) and I'm probably right!