Tales of Berseria - Part 32a: The Rise and Fall of Midgand

I forgot about this part, and did this part as a little afterthought.

At the inn, Laphicet finds a history book: "The Rise and Fall of Midgand." He reads it for backstory. It even has its own Dark Ages, where no records were found. Velvet's familiar with the name Claudin.

Flashback: Where that man's training Velvet again.

Velvet asks that man where he learned his techniques. From his master, Claudin.

Oh my god...those days...

That man says her execution of the forms he's taught her strays "from the ideal."

He also tells her that she resembles Claudin in a way. He mentions that he also wore a cape...he admires Claudin, mentioning the four elements when praising his qualities.

Velvet wants to meet Claudin. But "it's impossible," as he passed on trying to protect that man.

Velvet thinks it's impossible that her master's master can't be the same Claudin...since he existed 3 centuries ago. Or maybe it's a different Claudin.

King Claudin had very high acclaim among the people.

All of the rules of Midgand were directly related to the King, says Eizen. Probably the reason why the kingdom wanted to make that man the Shepherd, he deduces, was to relive or re-enact the glory days of the Empire post-Dark Ages.

Eizen then says the Shepherd title gives hope to the ordinary masses, who then give him support, meaning he can manipulate the masses into doing what he wants.

And Velvet knows how devoted that man is to that job...