Tales of Berseria - Part 20: Next Plan of Action

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Well, it looks like we're not sailing away to Midgand...booo!

The guild's hiding behind the rocks before the city gate. They tell us they're holding an execution for "a witch who [let] daemons into the city." Magilou...

The guild knows Teresa's tricks. By baiting one criminal, the others come out, they say. Velvet's not pleased at being called a criminal by illegal smugglers. That's why the guild master warned them to stay away from the city.

Rokurou knows it's Magilou who's being tried for execution...and the party's out of options at this point, but Velvet has another plan. They're going to steal a ship...this is getting interesting...

Aside: I've never watched Leverage, but is this how heists in that show play out in the start of every episode?

Velvet thinks of going back to Dyle to help them. Rokurou's worried about Magilou. Velvet decides that Magilou's life is in the Abbey's hands.

Rokurou: "Sorry, Magilou. RIP."

Knowing Teresa, however, I think this might be a trap as well. She might know that we'll head into the Hollow. Probably Eleanor might've told her about the Hollow...

But, we have no other choice...

We fight a few battles first.

I activate another skit: Rokurou points out Velvet's using everything and everyone as part of her revenge, even "abandoning" Magilou.

Velvet knows she can take care of herself. Plus, she knows that Magilou's told Teresa everything about them. That's why they're going to Dyle...

One more skit: Rokurou's sharpening blades. He asks Velvet if her weapons need sharpening.

Velvet's reciting her old lessons again. She's not happy about doing that...

Rokurou reminds her after she's done, she should "rub [the blades] with clove oil, and wipe them down [with] wool."

Even her "old teacher" said that as well...it always goes back to him...

I take the long way to the tar lake.

I'm there now, where Velvet gives the go-ahead for Dyle's raid.

Dyle calls her "presumptuous," Velvet says she's a daemon.

Velvet: "It comes with the territory."

Dyle laughs heartily at her answer.

Velvet's planning something here...

The secret way by the storehouse is out, so the only way to go would be by the front, as a distraction. So Dyle helps by "securing" the ship from the storehouse entrance when all of the guards are focused on Velvet's team.

Afterwards, the two groups meet and the ship starts sailing, with Dyle helming.

Velvet makes the charge to take the front.

The plan starts tomorrow.

Dyle tells the party to make themselves at home...

Someone speaks to Velvet. It's Laphicet. He asks if she was having a nightmare. She smiles and hugs him. I don't like where this is going...

Laphicet tells her he has something important to do, at the Shrine of Tranquility. Oh no.

Laphicet walks away...Velvet's now bound by the same fiery cuffs again...

Velvet wakes!

Rokurou even notices her restlessness.

Velvet tells Rokurou he can back out if he wants. Rokurou's not having that, as he still has his debt he has to pay to her.

Velvet calls his rules "odd." Rokurou says it's "[him] as just [him]." It's normal for Rokurou.

I get another big pic of his confident, smiling face. Awwww... 🙂

rokurou big smile

Aside: I took this screencap from another playthrough video online.

Rokurou asks who Artorius is. I forgot Rokurou was in prison around the same time Velvet was.

Velvet: "My target. He killed my brother."