Tales of Berseria - Part 172: Clearing Out Innominat's Domain

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Now to place the rest of the orbs in their monoliths!

I get a Melon Gel from a chest and make my way down into the core of the domain.

I grab another Melon Gel and head back up...

Last chest in this area's an Elixir! Obviously, this is a sign that this game means serious business!

I place the Celestial Violet Orb into its recess now...

Next to unlock: The Chamber of Azure Skies!

Now for the last warp point to unlock, the Chamber of Soaring Trees, which is way down at the lower parts of Innominat.

Into that chamber we go, where we fight against our first powerful Sub Lord: the many-armed Vigilante!

The malak is weak to fire, but strong against earth...

We almost lose to him, but we manage to make it!

Our reward is Rokurou learning a new Mystic Arte, and a Soul Break: Form 9, and Vengeful Retribution!

Next chamber: The Chamber of Twilight, where the Sky Soldier awaits, a giant, glowing white-gold dragon!

The Sky Soldier is weak to non-elemental attacks, but strong against fire, earth, and water...

After a semi-tricky but still long bout, we win Eizen a new Soul Break: Tyrant's Fete!

Now the Chamber of Azure Skies, where we face off against the Miraculous Mimic, which looks nothing like a treasure chest mimic!

The Mimic's weak against earth, but strong against fire!

As its first action, the Mimic unleashes the Spores from its nearby floating weapons!

This malak monster keeps guarding a lot!

But we manage to finish the Mimic, and win Eleanor a new Mystic Arte and Soul Break (Gungnir Twister, and Strike Drei), and Eizen gets a new Mystic Arte: Venom Strike!

On the way to the next chamber, I save at this point.

The Chamber of Dawn is next and the malak here is a Lawless Vessel, which looks like the pot we faced during the fishing trip episode!

The malak is weak against water and non-elemental attacks, but resistant to wind artes!

Plus, this malak has high defense and reduces all damage on it by 45 points!

As a reward for taking care of the malak, Laphicet learns Soul Distortion and Indignation!

The Chamber of the Pale Moon is next!

The malak in here is the Vengeful Goddess, who is strong to non-elemental and earth artes! She's weak against wind.

She also has an Iron Stance, meaning she can't be interrupted while casting an arte! Up to 15 hits, though...

She can also turn the party into stone!

Unfortunately, one of her spells gets us a game over!

Round number two against the Vengeful Goddess!

Once her health gets low, I restrategize a bit...

At this point, I decide to use my items, which I've been trying to avoid using for all of the battles since I went into the domain.

After a few KOs, we manage to finish off Major Sub Lord Number 5!

Magilou gets the Tetra Detonator Arte Break and her new Mystic Arte: The Host of Forty-Nine!

I save before the warp point to Innominat and the Shepherd before facing off against the last Major Sub Lord in the Chamber of Celestial Violet.

The malak in this chamber is a Reaper's Slanderer! This one has no weaknesses, but has strengths to fire and non-elemental attacks!

I focus on the weaknesses based on the malak's types (Crustacean, Fiend, and Dragon).

Unfortunately, its artes also end up destroying my party!

This malak also has an Iron Stance!!! Aaaaaaa!!!

We finally manage to take care of the malak!

Velvet learns Nightmare Claw and her final Mystic Arte: Impulse Desire!

And that is that for now!