Tales of Berseria - Part 170: Innominat's Domain

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After a month of putting this off (offline stuff and all), I'm ready to head up to where Innominat and the Shepherd are...

I repeat the scene with Tabatha in the tavern after taking care of the Dragonfolk (or Rokurou's mother)...

The party's at level 64...

I'm still not prepared for this moment...

I almost forgot how vast the steps up to the throne are...

We see a glowing circle before the entrance to the throne...

Everyone's looking up at the domain way above...

Rokurou: "Huh. Oookay...Well, it's nice that we've tracked down Innominat, but, uh...now what's the plan?"
Eleanor: "I don't think even Griffin could get us up there." No doubt. That place is almost close to outer space...

Magilou: "And my Guardian takes up one passenger only."

Eizen's smiling. He's optimistic since he sees a teleportation arte up ahead.

Magilou and I know that we were invited.

Velvet: "For Innominat to fully awaken, they need me and Laphicet. Which means they want to settle this once and for all too."
Laphicet: "Sounds good to me! Bring it on!"

Magilou tells Laphicet to "be more cautious!" Laphicet's jaw drops in shock, and apologizes, looking down.

Rokurou: "Wow. That was the first time I've heard Magilou say something sensible."
Velvet: "A bad omen. Let's be careful, and take a good look around first."

Magilou quotes Shakespeare. Oh, Magilou...

Everyone's gathered around the portal...

I check the throne inside. No one's home.

I go back and talk to Eizen. Velvet's "validly concerned" about Eizen holding up from the malevolence. Eizen's not worried about that, but Velvet knows.

Velvet: "You've resigned yourself to becoming a dragon one day, haven't you?"
Eizen: "Yeah. I've long since come to terms with my fate, whether it comes a hundred years from now or mere moments."

Eizen might turn into a dragon while fighting the Shepherd!? Oh no...

Eizen tells her "to do what [she has] to."

Eizen: "Go in swinging, and the rest will sort itself out."
Velvet: "I'm glad we were able to join forces with you and Aifread's pirates." I agree with that.

Eizen: "You and I are just two ships who happened to share the same course."
Velvet: "Then I'll thank the seas and the wind for carrying the reaper into our path."

Eizen's grateful for the thanks.

We talk to him again who mentions the portal is a Gate of Travel...

Magilou next.

Magilou's not running. She's excited for the final battle...

Velvet: (to Magilou) "You know, when we first met, I never would have expected you to stick around this long."

The feeling is mutual.

Magilou: "We push on through the trials and tribulations of each and every day, we suffer through hardships and failure, we lose the ones we love, and then we die." That's grim.

Velvet brings up a very philosophical question.

Velvet: "Do you think...we were born into this world to suffer?"
Magilou: "Eh."

Magilou: "Uncertainty is what spurs us onward. Forward we move, if only by one step at a time, toward somewhere different than here, through sadness and anger and joy alike. Life is all about that journey."

Velvet notes that she's saying "sound advice."

Magilou: "Hah! Life's not all about horribleness."

I mentioned in a post earlier that Magilou was, in a way, like Drosselmeyer. But now that I look back on that thought, she's more or less a darker callback to Edel, with some trollish personality.

Eleanor next.

She's nervous...

Velvet tells her not to be. Eleanor tells her that she can't be told how to feel.

Velvet: "You're always so serious."
Eleanor: "I can't help it!"
Velvet: "Yeah. You haven't changed."
Eleanor: "I have so changed! I was once the Abbey's loyal exorcist, and now I'm about to take on the Shepherd himself...and an Empyrean!"
Velvet: "That's not what I meant."

Eleanor: "After all, I'm an awfully serious woman."
Velvet: "Haha... we're lucky to have you Eleanor."
Eleanor: (chuckles) "I'm not sure it's right for the Lord of Calamity to be showing gratitude to an exorcist."
Velvet: "Hey, what good is being the Lord of Calamity if I can't speak my mind?"

Eleanor: "I do what pleases me just as anyone does. I will cast aside neither reason nor feelings...nor will I cast aside hope for an ideal future."

Rokurou next.

Rokurou's excited on wanting to face the Shepherd's fusion!

Velvet: "Are you ever afraid of anything?"
Rokurou: "Of course. I used to be scared of losing a fight. I think that's why I could never win against Shigure...now all I fear is running away from a fight I might not win. And I was able to make that change traveling with you."

Velvet denies helping him with his character development. But it was "over time" he learned that.

Rokurou: "But still...thanks Velvet.”

Velvet tells him that "[she] don't need [his] thanks."

Velvet: "If anything you should be cursing me. If we lose this...and you'll get no apology from me."
Rokurou: (laughs) "I need an apology as much as you need my thanks. Death comes for everyone. What's important is that I choose how I live...That's how I am."
Velvet: "Heh. Yeah...that's how you've always been."
Rokurou: "Damn right. And that's how I'll always be."

Rokurou: "Let yourself go, get stuck in, and have fun! Let's enjoy life a little!"

Now for Laphicet...

Velvet's wanting to talk to him over his namesake, I think? No, it's about his hair, and why it sticks out.

Then Velvet asks him if he's drying his hair thoroughly. Oh my god, Velvet...

Laphicet mentions that his hair sticks out all the time.

Velvet: "I mean, it's kind of cute, so I guess it's not a problem."
Laphicet: (grumbles) "I don't really wanna be called cute."
Velvet: "Then you look handsome with it. I think it suits you."

Laphicet calls the compliment "a little better."

Laphicet: "I never know what to say around Velvet." Speechless, Laphicet?

Laphicet: "I'm not afraid of anything. Not when I'm with you, Velvet."

Laphicet: "I can feel him. Innominat is just beyond this arte."

After a save, we warp!

We're way above the earth now...

It looks so silent here. But there's tons of malakhim monsters about.

The rock music starts playing. I like this track.

Velvet: "No exorcists here, it looks like." Yep, the Shepherd and Innominat wanted us to come.

Eleanor spots the malakhim here as well.

Eizen explains about them.

Eizen: "These malakhim are the Sub Lords who have pacts directly with Innominat. Be careful. He's likely given them a share of his power." Sub Lords!?

Velvet: "In other words, trouble."

Rokurou thinks that knifing their way through is the best idea.

The full name of the place we're at is Innominat, Incarnation in the Sky.

Skit: Onward to the Final Battle

Eleanor: "Our path now leads to the Empyrean Innominat and Artorius. What a strange feeling."
Rokurou: (casually) "Yeah, it's not everyday you make an enemy of the entire world and head out to cut down a god!"

Eleanor's inner passion in doing this deed surprises her.

Velvet's all smiles, pointing out how Eleanor's "more stubborn and willful than" the rest of the party.

Eleanor smiles, proud of those labels.

Eizen points out those qualities made her oath with Laphicet.

Laphicet: "It's because of you, Eleanor, that I've been able to take this voyage around the world. You have my thanks."

Magilou also points out Laphicet had some character development of his own too. Yay character development!

Laphicet: "It kind of makes me want to give myself a pat on the back."

Rokurou chuckles and agrees.

Laphicet: "Velvet gave me a name, and Eleanor became my vessel. Eizen and Rokurou taught me how to live, and Magilou provided lots of surprises and laughs." Yep, especially Magilou.

Laphicet: "All of that made me who I am now, and I'm glad for it."

Now Bienfu jumps in, asking for his credit for Laphicet's development.

Laphicet mentions that Bienfu "didn't do much." Lol.

Poor Bienfu. Laphicet was joking.

Magilou: "It seems the enemy's hate for us has galvanized our spirits."

Now to face some of the malakhim here...

Bearers of Salvation, Birds of Paradise, Polar Meteors, Robust Seeds (which look like lampposts), Angels of Remorse...

Most of them are weak against non-elemental attacks but they have lots of health to make up for it...

At the other end, I see a big floating glyph and activate it...

...opening up the next area!

After saving in the next area, I check the map...there's ten different floors in this place!