Tales of Berseria - Part 169: Dragonfolk

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We jump down off the west wing, and make it to the eastern end of the temple. After climbing up another ladder, we see our last code red: the Dragonfolk!

This daemon's weak against wind but strong against water, earth, and non-elemental attacks!

Rokurou: "It's the dragon swordsman! So this is the daemon that Shigure couldn't beat!"

Playing as Rokurou, I accidentally start with an earth attack before switching to wind artes!

Their Helmsplitter attack is something to stay away from! Reading their skill list, they can also slow us down and lower our defense too...

After beating them, I get a trophy!

But the Dragonfolk has the last word...

Dragonfolk: "I...I won't lose here! Not to anyone but Shigure!"

Velvet's surprised that's a dragon swordswoman! Rokurou approaches her.

Rokurou: "It's okay. My brother died by my hand."

Rokurou pulls out the Kurogane longblade, and takes care of her.

Dragonfolk: "I see. Well done, Rokurou."

Rokurou grimaces.

Laphicet wonders how she knew his name...

Rokurou: "Yeah...you see, this dragon swordswoman was a previous Shigure...and my mother." What!?

Velvet, Laphicet, and Eleanor's eyes widen in shock.

Eizen: "I see. So the previous Shigure was a woman."

Eleanor's not too happy...

Rokurou: "That's just how it goes in my clan. My mother slew my grandfather to take the name Shigure, and my brother did the same to her. It's an endless cycle." But wait a minute, I thought she passed away...

Velvet: "How did she become a daemon?" Yeah, how did she?

Eizen: "No, this was a malak. One that was halfway to becoming a dragon by the looks of it."

So that means...oh my god...

Magilou's a bit surprised too.

Magilou: "So what, then she was reincarnated as a malak? But she still got to keep all her human memories somehow...it all seems a little too convenient, doesn't it?"


Velvet's thinking she had "strong feelings." Or...

Rokurou don't care, though.

Rokurou: "She fought like a real member of the Rangetsu clan would...And that sword belonged to my mother."

Laphicet wonders if Tabatha was aware about the Dragonfolk. Knowing how she gets her news, she probably does.

Velvet's not amused.

Velvet: "If she did, she sure played us for damn fools. We're going to need to have a chat with her."

It seems like we've taken care of all of the code red daemons in this game!

Back to Loegres we go...

We get our reward from the Bloodwing agent.

Inside the tavern...

Tabatha: "So your 'fateful' encounter was a success."
Rokurou: "It was."
Velvet: "You knew who the dragon swordsman really was, didn't you?"
Eizen: "Did you use us for your personal revenge?"

Everyone's ganging up on Tabatha. Tabatha shakes her head no.

Tabatha: "That loss we suffered those 20 odd years ago was entirely on us...Hell, that Shigure was so good, she managed to fight our people off while holding her newborn with one hand!" Yikes...

It's Rokurou she was carrying.

Tabatha: "I always thought the Rangetsu [clan] weren't ones for being sentimental. I was so surprised, I asked her why she did it. She had blood all over her face...but she looked at me with this very soft smile and said:

"'This precious child has the potential to cut me down and go on to be the strongest swordsman of all...it's my duty to protect him...'"

Rokurou: "I see. The [Rangetsu] name will be passed down no longer, but at least that wish I could fulfill. I owe you one, Tabatha."

Tabatha: "And I you. That's one longstanding worry that I can now let go."

Eleanor asks him if he's sure about what he did. I'm guessing yes.

Rokurou: "The Shigure...my mother...was a strict person. When I was a kid, she was always scolding me for something. But for the very first time in my life, she actually praised me. That...felt really good to hear." I feel like I want to cry inside...

Rokurou: "And I also learn why Shigure hadn't been able to carry out his mission. It's not that he couldn't kill her. He just chose not to...to take the life of one's own parent...that is an experience you don't need to have more than once."
Eleanor: "Even as an exorcist and a daemon."
Rokurou: "Yeah...at least that's what I think."

I get a Color Variant Outfit for Rokurou!

Tabatha: "I'll take a riot of emotion over a divinely granted tranquility any day. I don't care how wild it gets. I'm going to fight until the end."