Tales of Berseria - Part 167: The Reply

Just before the way to the Empyrean's Throne, we see the White Turtlez!

He has a letter for Eizen.

Eizen puts on his glasses and reads, smiling as he does...then he feels a bit strange...

Rokurou asks him what he read.

Eizen has someone else read the letter. It's probably too emotional for him...

Laphicet reads Eizen's sister's letter.


"'Dear brother, I got your letter. Not sure why it was so tattered. I'm glad that you were able to tell me how you really feel, even though it was beyond obvious by now. Your clear descriptions of the self-defense malak artes allowed me to master them quickly, despite your terrible grammar.

"'As weird as it feels writing this to a pirate... good luck with your work. And I know how to keep a secret. So please keep writing me letters. My life doesn't revolve around them, but I do enjoy hearing from you. I can't see the oceans you sail from my perch here on the mountain, but I'm thinking of you and praying for your safety.

"'And I want you to know I'm doing fine.'"

Magilou sees quickly that Eizen's sister is "as stubborn as her brother." She thinks it's a family trait.

Laphicet reads on.

Laphicet: "'PS: Thanks for the nor dolls. They're not really all that cute, but I guess I like them a little bit.'" Heh...

Laphicet: "'But ever since I got that last one, I hear this voice at night telling me I should write you and be here for you when you need to vent.'"

Everyone's smiling, then when Laphicet reads that last part of the sentence, the "voice at night" part, they get annoyed quickly.

Laphicet: "'It's actually rather annoying, but since the doll is a gift from you, I'll make a special exception for it.'"

Eizen smiles.

Eleanor compliments Eizen's sister. Velvet's curious to know the name of Eizen's sister. Nuns...

Eizen: "Edna."

Aside: Rqan vf bar bs gur znynxuvz gung wbvaf gur znva punenpgre va Mrfgvevn, guvf tnzr'f frdhry, jurer gur znynxuvz ner abj pnyyrq frencuvz, sbe fbzr ernfba.

Velvet compliments it as "a pretty name."

Eizen: "Glad you think so. I'm the one who named her." He smiles saying that last sentence.

So after some weapon and armor tinkering back at the port, we now head off to the final showdown!