Tales of Berseria - Part 166: The Manual For Siegfried

Laphicet finds a book in the chest.

Magilou is not too fond of the reward inside.

Laphicet: "It's really old but, it's written in a language I can read. It's titled 'Research Notes on Siegfried and its Special Abilities.'"

It's a manual for Siegfried!

Magilou: "Another twist of fate."

But some parts are missing...

Velvet tells Laphicet to read on.

Laphicet: "'Believed to be a relic from the Avarost period, Siegfried utilizes an embedded formula to enable its wielder to manipulate mana. The commonly held belief is that Siegfried can alter, and thereby amplify, the mana of its host."

And since Zaveid has it...

Laphicet: "'But this is only its most basic capability, which is utilized to initiate and control its true functions...our analysis suggests that Siegfried was originally created as a specialized anti-dragon weapon."

Eizen's reaction isn't too pleasing...

Magilou: "Oh my, the plot thickens."

Laphicet: "'...Siegfried can fire [bullets] that bestow certain special effects upon its targets. These bullets, made from crystallized mana, can cause disabilities depending on the intent with which they have been imbued. Known bullet varieties include one that can [cut] power links and one capable of temporarily blocking out the influence of malevolence.'" Oh my god...

Eizen's reaction looks hard. He's probably surprised by the "malevolence-blocking bullets" too.

That's the end of the book.

Laphicet asks Eizen if they could find the malevolence-blocking bullets. They'd be hard to find, and Eizen has no use for them...

Eizen: "Laphicet, next time you see [Zaveid], I want you to tell him what you read [...] Please. I have a feeling he'll track those bullets down, even if he has to cross the whole world looking for them." He's a malak, he has plenty of time.

Laphicet says yes.

Magilou: "Is this another twist of fate in the making? But how, oh, how will it turn out?"
Eleanor: "Can't you be serious just once in your life?!"
Rokurou: "I think she's saying Eizen's doing the right thing...and it's true that nobody knows what the future holds."
Velvet: "...And I like it that way."
Magilou: (smirks) "Do you really mean that?"
Velvet: "I do. It would be pretty boring to know everything that's coming, don't you think?"