Tales of Berseria - Part 165: Southgand Surprises

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The code red we fought at Hexen Isle isn't on the bounty list...

We sail for Yseult, then warp to Haria Village, where it's repopulated again...

The merchant thanks Imperial soldiers for helping to rebuild the village. The soldiers say it "goes against reason, but [...] without that kind of enthusiasm, humanity would have no future."

One citizen's worried about the Boss Troll, who's been taken care of...

There's a Bloodwing agent squatting on the edge of the inn's deck...

A son's worried about his dad staying in Haria, while a mother who didn't want to go back has a daughter who's coming along...

An Amenoch (and Innominat) devotee is tending to flowers on the trellis. She still believes in her traditions to Amenoch...Eleanor's hopeful too. She tells us that soldiers will be patrolling from time to time to watch over Haria.

Velvet: "That's pretty tolerant coming from the people who banned Amenoch worship in the first place."
Believer: "Those who served under Lady Teresa have a strong sense of justice. They'll protect anyone, regardless of belief." These soldiers are potential Tales protagonists...

She mentions Teresa hasn't been around for awhile. She also warns us about the Lord of Calamity as well, and tells us to "stay safe." That's a big irony...

A history student's reading about the Empyreans.

An unvoiced youth and another history student are trying to restore Amenoch's traditions by finding any remaining devotees of Amenoch.

Rokurou asks if the inn's going to be reopened...

It will be, as there are people coming from everywhere to go to Palamedes, and will stop by Haria on the way there.

The history student does double duty as inn chef, since she has a huge interest in Southgand's cuisine.

Laphicet asks what food will she cook. She lists them: moussaka, southern-style mango fried rice, papaya, sukiyaki...mmm, mango fried rice.

The unvoiced youth tells us he's going "to preserve the traditions, rites, and foods of the village."

Laphicet: "I wish you luck."

Now that Amenoch is awake, that means they can hear the history student's prayers...

Behind a house in Yseult, a Bloodwing agent tells us about a chest that "nobody can open".

Rokurou: "If it won't open, why doesn't anyone just smash it apart?" Oh my god Rokurou, he talks like Fidget when it comes to locked chests.

The Bloodwing agent tells us that many exorcists tried that. Nothing worked.

Rokurou: "Ohhhh, now you're talking my language."
Eizen: "It might be treasure from the far continent."

Laphicet asks if he knows something. Eizen quiets him. Oh boy...

Velvet don't care, as usual.

Laphicet's suspicious. So's Velvet.

Eizen does suspect it came from the far continent. Laphicet's in awe! He has some hints why...

Magilou: "Oh ho, do go on, I'm all ears!"
Rokurou: "Let's go give it a look. If we really can't get it to open, I'll cut right through it."

Eizen, though, knows how to open that chest.

Eizen: "In fact, Aifread was the one who figured it out."

Laphicet figures it out.

Eizen: "That's where he found Siegfried."

Velvet's not letting either Abbey or Bloodwings take whatever's in that chest.

Now we warp to Haria Village, and run to the east gate!

At the central part of the reef, we see the chest, which looks like another gold chest.

Laphicet's the first to spot it, and we run to it.

Magilou asks how the chest could be opened.

Rokurou's offering to cut the chest. Eleanor's not having that.

Eizen mentions that it needs to be opened by password, which is "wealth" in the far continent's language.

Eizen: "Van Eltia." It unlocks!

Magilou: "What, that's all it took? Talk about anticlimactic."
Eleanor: "I didn't know the ship's name came from [there]."
Eizen: "Yeah. There was an engineer who helped design the technology from there. He probably supplied [the chest.] And by that bizarre twist of fate, Siegfried came into Aifread's hands."