Tales of Berseria - Part 164: Zaveid's Found Family

We head to Taliesin to check up on Zaveid's found family.

Spring Breeze Ben thanks us again, and mentions Zaveid stopped by. Everyone loved him coming back, but Theodora's gone. But, Zaveid found closure.

The wife mentions that Zaveid and Theodora "were going to travel together!"

The children and the rest of the family mention they'll never forget Zaveid.

Ben: "Zaveid told us that because he has family here...because he has somewhere to come home to, he'll be able to travel with an easy heart."

Plus, he gave them tons of money!

Wife: "If you ever see Zaveid on your travels, please give him a message. Tell him: You'll always have a home here." 😢

Eleanor swears she'll pass that on.

As the crew head up, two exorcists talk. One wants tighter security for some "transport"s because a money transport got robbed clean. No injuries or casualties. Oh, Zaveid...you stole that money, didn't you?

Laphicet knows it too. So do Eizen and Eleanor.

I collect our code red bounties at Port Zekson and stop here.