Tales of Berseria - Part 163: The Dragon of Hexen Isle/Divided Futures

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After a few weeks off, I'm back!

Aside: For context, I didn't start this session until almost two weeks after Part 162.

After a few battles, I head back to Stonebury, where two exorcists talk to each other.

They mention Hexen Isle, "taking out a dragon", and the Calix. They're under orders from the Shepherd!?

Velvet: "There's a dragon on Hexen Isle?"
Rokurou: "Perhaps the one that was caught in the Calix got loose?"

Eizen thinks it's the same dragon (Silva). Laphicet thinks so too.

Magilou: "Reign it in, kiddo. That dragon is bad news."

She would rather leave the dragon alone.

Laphicet looks down. He mentions all the time that they had together was completely void of "feeling and free thought."

Laphicet: "We were just...there. If you'd taken him with you instead of me, I'd probably have turned into a dragon by now myself." ☹️

Laphicet considers "[wanting] him to be at peace."

Velvet: "It's your funeral."

Eizen, Eleanor, and Rokurou jump in.

Rokurou: "Everyone deserves closure!"

Magilou, on the other hand...

Magilou: "Oh, to be young and fearless... you do realize if we lose, there won't even be any dental records left to identify us by?"

We faced off against Phoenix and Theodora, I think this dragon might be as hard or easier than those two...

We head for Hexen Isle.

The save point here is near the geotree...

I circle around and find the geotree for this isle.

I also notice the Hellkite dragon beyond, roaming the large plateau ahead...

The monsters here are Gale Witch, Rigid Python, Curse Island Giant, Macrotian Wraith, and Enticing Glamor.

If this place wasn't so secret, this might be a good place for a picnic.

I get a pair of Satan's Wrath Earrings from a west passage at the north end of the canyon here.

Turning back, I find a Katz Box behind a rock, and rescue the guy in there!

I ascend up to the field where the Hellkite is, and keep my way out of his range and go east and north, collecting another Elixir.

I face him now...

Magilou: "Oh come on, give us a break already! I bet even Innominat couldn't stop this thing!" I'm guessing that's the case too. He doesn't want to stop this dragon.

Rokurou: "Then this'll be the perfect warmup!"

The Hellkite glows red...

Eleanor: "Am I just imagining things...or does he look like he's even stronger?"

Eizen explains he's probably eating the malevolence produced from around the Calix and the island.

Velvet tells Laphicet he can back out of this, knowing fighting a dragon "is no joke."

Laphicet goes to him.

Laphicet: "I'm sorry, Silva... I used you so I could escape. But this time, I won't run away!"

Laphicet: "You're going down, Silva!"
Velvet: "No tricks! Just a straight up battle!"

This dragon has the same weaknesses and strengths as before...

And the same tricks, especially his Neigh, which stuns everyone!

At half health, he unleashes his Calamity Flare!

A few minutes later, an unblockable Meteor Storm!

I read his stats, and he has an Iron Stance ability! This version, however, only interrupts his spells after 20 hits on him!

After one final Meteor Storm from him, the dragon's finished, and with a flash, turns into bones!

Laphicet walks over to the dragon's remains...and kneels...

Velvet: "Phi?"
Laphicet: "I just remembered something...One time when Lady Teresa was punishing me, Silva stood right by my side, just like this. He didn't say a word, but his presence was a comfort...Sorry, Silva. And Velvet?"

Laphicet: "Back at Hellawes...thanks for taking me with you and getting me out of there." 😢
Velvet: (embarrassed) "...That was basically kidnapping, really."
Laphicet: "Maybe but I want to thank you all the same."
Velvet: "You don't have to, Phi. Really. You've come a long way. That's because you put in the effort, not me."

Magilou looks around.

Magilou: "This sensation...is the Calix still functional?"

Rokurou thinks our task is finished in the island. Magilou doesn't seem to think so. I agree with her for once.

Magilou's thinking about the Calix now that Melchior's out of the picture...only the Shepherd himself controls the Calix now.

She laughs off her thought, and leaves with the rest of the party.

The dragon's bones are still there...eee...

We get a Color Variant Outfit for Laphicet as a prize for finishing the dragon, it's all green-and-white...

I head west and into a narrow passageway, where a code red daemon is...

The code red daemon's an armored daemon...he's not gigantic, he's slightly shorter than or around the same height as Rokurou.

I take caution, though...

This code red is the Demon Rodler, who's weak against wind, but strong against earth and non-elemental attacks.

The Demon Rodler also has Dark Fangs as part of his spellset...along with many others!

We eventually take care of the code red!