Tales of Berseria - Part 162: Bonus Skits, Set One

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I check out one of the DLC skits that I got as part of the catalogue I downloaded for the PS4...

Magilou's Midnight Monologues, 3rd Night is first...

She's the host of her own podcast here.

She goes to her panel: Velvet, Laphicet, Eleanor, and Rokurou, who have "two hours to introduce themselves." What would they say in two hours?!

Everyone in the unseen audience is laughing...

Magilou introduces her guest...

Eizen: "I'm Eizen, the first mate of Aifread's pirates."
Magilou: "Ooh, you're solid as a rock. Totally unruffled!"
Eizen: "Of course I am. I practiced this myself 256 times a week." He might beat Batman with that glare...

A raven caws.

Eizen: "Can you even hear me?! I was sure that one would get a good laugh."
Velvet: "His confidence is what's scary."

Laphicet, a bit creeped out, still roots for Eizen.

Magilou tells him to draw a card.

Eizen: "Tough crowd tonight."

He draws a really "stimulating" card.

Eizen mentions "Grune's urn." Join Picard's archaeology club, Eizen.

Rokurou and Eleanor wonder if he understood what the card's asking.

Eizen's eyes brighten, mentioning a "tiger's eye teacup," elaborating on the artwork.

Magilou had an appraiser measure the value of the teacup, which was worth...50 gald.

Eizen's not happy...

It turns out the teacup was "a water dish for cats."

Eizen loses it, but notices something...

Eizen: (to Magilou) "If I picked the card at random, how did you have an expert look at my teacup?"

Magilou says that's it for the show, and mentions two letters of a secret word...S-E.

Laphicet's the next victim guest for Magilou's show!

Laphicet throws out the George Lucas line once again!

End of skit.

I'm tempted to download the rest of the catalogues to see how the Magilou show plays out...I give in and download the fifth one!