Tales of Berseria - Part 160: Further Revelations

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We head inside the Earthpulse, the first layer's already on the area map...

We fight the code red daemon here, the Phantom, before proceeding...

As we approach the end of the first layer, we get more backstory!

The Shepherd has formed an oath with Seres, with Melchior overlooking the proceedings...

Melchior: "Seres, take heed. I've now embedded a portion of the arte formula within your corporeal form. Over the next several months, it should take hold and crystallize using the power of the oath."

Melchior's being really deceiving as usual...

So Melchior himself put the Sorcerer's Ring into Seres!? Oh my god!

Melchior: "It is an arte that was lost long [...] ago on this continent. Reviving it requires considerable investment."
Seres: "So that is why you tied the oath to my life force. The formula will only be completed once I've...died [...] I understand that this is a necessary step in order to realize [fusion] and bring Innominat under your control."

So the Shepherd was planning to fuse with Innominat even in-between the three years Velvet was in prison.

Seres mentions Siegfried...so Melchior's trying to find the gun at this time...

Seres wants to fast-track the R&D.

Melchior: (to Seres) "From here on, you are to focus on completing the Sorcerer's Ring."

Melchior asks the Shepherd if he's changed his mind at all...nope.

Seres calls herself "a tool...to fulfill [the Shepherd]'s ideals." ☹️

Velvet: "So Seres took an oath to make [fusion] possible."
Laphicet: "But what a heavy price to make her pay..." I know.
Eleanor: (disgusted) "And [the Shepherd] did it knowing that she was his reincarnated wife."

Eleanor stops herself, and realizes that if she hadn't followed Velvet, she would've ended up doing "the same thing."

Rokurou: "What happened to Seres, and to Aifread, and Siegfried... it's all related. This all occurred so [the Shepherd] could [fuse] with Innominat..."
Magilou: "And Velvet devoured that power and making herself enemy number one...how deliciously ironic!"

But in her case, it's therionization, not armatization...

But Velvet points out Seres knew about this. She's clever.

Eizen: "But the Abbey has secured Siegfried's formula, and they're [...] using it to complete Innominat's [fusion]."

We press onwards!

Another flashback: to Arthur and Celica.

Arthur: "It's been a full century since Midgand reunited the fractured land. In that time, we've enjoyed a blissful era of peace and prosperity. But the world has also seen its faith and moral purity slowly decay [...] Things have gotten so bad that nobody has even realized that the four Empyreans now slumber. I'm entirely certain that daemons will only become ever more [powerful]...And yet I'm powerless to stop it!"

Celica has no idea what he's saying.

Arthur comes to, and apologizes.

Celica: "It's fine, really! You've seen so much of the world. Things that I never even knew existed."
Arthur: "Yes... I've seen mountains spew flame, and lands covered in ice. I've crossed stormy seas and ravines deeper than the eye can see." He's probably seen the Tannhauser gate too...

Celica's in awe of his travels. She asks if he was scared.

Arthur: "Of course! We are nothing in the face of nature. It takes so little for a person to lose their life out in the wilds. But in spite of the terror, [...] they're absolutely breathtaking. And even in the harshest of climes, people still find a way to live there and carve out something resembling a home."
Celica: "I think I understand you now [...] I can tell you really love this world. Not just that, but all the people who live in it too."
Arthur: "The world...and its people...Do you really think so?"
Celica: "I'm sure of it. Just...remember that you're one of those people too, you know? You really should try to take care of yourself a little more."

Arthur's still doubtful of his own power...he's got really low self-esteem deep down...

Celica: "I believe in you, Arthur. I mean, my family and I are already quite fond of you just the way you are, no matter your faults." The irony in that line is so deep.

Arthur: "Thank you, Celica..."

Velvet: "That's how I remember Celica...and him too..."

Eleanor's now the one who's getting angrier...

Velvet: "Eleanor, I know that the exorcists believe from the bottom of their hearts that their work will save everyone."
Eleanor: "...But that won't stop you from fighting them, will it?"

Of course not.

Magilou: "Isn't ignorance bliss? Should we really keep digging up the past like this?"
Eleanor: "Velvet's never been the one to pick the easy road."

Laphicet: "I was just thinking...the Earthen Historia is supposed to be a vast record of world history [...] why does it only ever focus on events related to Velvet's life?"

Eleanor thinks it might be responding to Velvet, or it's because Innominat used to run the earthpulse as his vessel, in a way. It still has traces of his influence.

Magilou brings up another good point to Laphicet.

Magilou: "Shouldn't you be able to control the Earthen Historia...? You're supposed to be part of Innominat."

Magilou's getting excited at the backstory we could find here...

Laphicet: "I'm not so sure. Having that much access might be frightening. Some things aren't so fun to learn about." Laphicet does have a point. History was mostly about the ugly stuff.

The last of the Earthen Historia here...

...with Laphicet and Seres...

Seres: "I hear that you've finally gotten your assignment. Have they given you a name yet?"
Laphicet: "Malak Number Two." ☹️

Seres: "That isn't your name."

Laphicet looks puzzled.

Seres: "You don't remember anything, do you? But of course you don't. You died before you were even born."

Seres pulls out a comb. Oh my god!

This was probably in between the three years that Velvet was imprisoned on Titania...

Seres: "But my memories...they came back." Oh my god!

Seres: "And these memories...they torment me. I can never replace them...and I can't undo them..."

Laphicet doesn't understand.

Seres: "You don't have to. Just know that I was happier before my memories and free will reawakened." How did that happen? It's probably Celica's ghost rising to the surface.

Seres wishes "that [Laphicet] would stay the way [he is.]" She walks away, almost about to cry...no, she isn't!

Seres: "I'm going to free someone who can kill the strongest Empyrean and the head exorcist." She's going to free Velvet!

Seres: "I suppose you could call it revenge...against myself, and against my past."

She turns to Laphicet.

Seres: "Goodbye. Please...find it in your heart to forgive your mother when she failed to protect you..."

Now the crew's warped back to Velvet's cell in Titania! Magilou's surprised by the sudden teleportation!

Eizen thinks they came back to Velvet's cell via Earthpulse Warp.

Laphicet doesn't remember Seres... ☹️

Laphicet: "I guess I must have met Seres at some point, but...I don't have any memory of it happening..."

Rokurou wonders why that earthpulse would lead to Titania...

We just probably jumped from one earthpulse point to another. All because Seres wanted to tell us something...

Eleanor confirms that.

Eleanor: "I think the Earthen Historia showed us that memory because Seres wanted us to see it. Or Velvet and Laphicet at least."

So her spirit is still driving the entire crew, huh?

Laphicet: "I think I understand. And I...I think I agree."

Rokurou has no complaints now, because at least we now know more backstory.

Velvet: (smiling) "This was worthwhile."

As the crew's ship begins to dock at Titania, Laphicet looks back.

Laphicet: "I...can think and decide for myself now, but...it's kind of nice. I feel alive like this. So rest easy, mom...I'll be okay."

We get a different color version of Velvet's in-game outfit!

Now we can use the Earthpulse to jump from Velvet's cell to Innominat's shrine in Tranquil Woods!