Tales of Berseria - Part 159: Old Puns and an Earthpulse

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Back to Aball again...

Near Velvet's old cottage, I rescue a Katz and get a Wind Normin Set for Rokurou!

I have Velvet look at Celica's grave.

Laphicet's worried about her.

Velvet: "I was just thinking of something Celica liked to do whenever we passed a gravestone. 'I have a secret to tell you,' she'd say. Then she'd hand me a flower and add, 'Take it to the grave.'"

Magilou calls that a "bad pun."

Velvet: "Exactly. Celica loved her puns."

She quotes one of Celica's old punny jokes. For this one, shes referring to Orthie and Russ..."hiding on the woof."

Magilou groans. Laphicet laughs.

Velvet didn't like them either.

Velvet: "But now that she's gone, I miss them. Every day with Celica was bright, filled with joy... I realize that now."
Laphicet: "She'd be happy to hear that."

Then he points out Magilou and Celica's not so different.

Magilou: "If you're trying to say I'm an unre-pun-tant punster, I'd have to object. But if you're trying to say that I'm witty, charming, and the party mood maker... I'll take it. Hey, Velvet, you can think of me as your new sister. I won't stop you. I'll even let you call me 'big sis.'"
Velvet: "I'm this close to suing you for defamation of character."
Magilou: "I knew I'd see you in court one day! Judge, objection! This is a witch hunt!"

Oh Magilou, you troll...

I do some fishing at the small creek at Tranquil Woods before moving on.

We make it to the shrine on the cape...

There's the rift!

Laphicet doesn't sense Innominat, thank goodness...

Eizen warns us that we're now entering the territory of the four other Empyreans.

We check the hole in the shrine...

Velvet: "Both the Opening and the Advent began here..."
Laphicet: "This is where the 'me' before I was born, died..."
Eleanor: "And it's where [the Shepherd] sacrificed Velvet's brother..."
Magilou: "...The former leader of the exorcists and Melchior searched high and low for the resting place of Innominat...No wonder they never found it. Who'd have thought he'd be sealed away out here in the middle of nowhere?"
Eizen: "And these patterns...they're similar to those [...] foreign temples built during the Era of Darkness."
Magilou: "I doubt [the Shepherd] realized the true purpose of this shrine until he witnessed Innominat's power firsthand..."
Rokurou: "Can we seal Innominat back in here?"
Eizen: "No, we can't."

The seal's already gone, he points out.

Laphicet adds that this place is an earthpulse point.

Magilou: "If a cat's already out of the bag, it won't go back in..."
Velvet: "Even if there was a way to seal him here again, I wouldn't do it. I want to settle things with Innominat my way."

I fetch more supplies from Taliesin, knowing we're going in for the long haul...