Tales of Berseria - Part 157: The Challenge

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Warping to Yseult now, where a local tells us about some newcomers "reviving [Haria]".

Before the west gates of Meirchio, where I exchange more Tales coins for outfits!

I buy some more warp bottles...

Now Stonebury, where I challenge Shinobu to a game of Character Cards! I win in a huge upset, and get Black Shiba Inu Ears!

Next stop, Zamahl Grotto for some level grinding...

More shopping and searching in Meirchio, and saving...

Now we sail to challenge the unknown person in Titania!

Medissa likes the idea of hiding in plain sight, while Grimoirh says the George Lucas line yet again...

The place looks foggy again...

No exorcists in sight!

Eleanor knows this guy really wants a fight, and that they're really tough...

Rokurou advises caution.

The challengers waiting for us on the other dock...

That good old Titania prison music plays again.

Lord, the suspense...

We make it to the other side!

There's a crate at the southern entrance hall. Could that be the challenge waiting for us? Rokurou wonders that too...

Rokurou: "Wait, what's up with that box?"

???: "The time has come for judgment and retribution!"

The voice sounds very gruff...it's coming from inside the box!

Laphicet: "What the...?"

A bright light shines and a Normin pops out!

Eleanor: "Did a nor doll just come out of that box?"

That's a Normin!

Velvet asks who he is.

Bienfu's eyes widen at his presence. He knows who he is.

???: "Very well! You ought to know the name of he who consigns you to the flames of hell. I am—"

Magilou interrupts.

Magilou: "Wait, wait, wait. You're that Normin, right? Phoenix, or whatever? Ha! No wonder those letters were so full of empty threats and blustery nonsense!" Don't underestimate him, Magilou...Bienfu's aware of how powerful he is too.

Bienfu: "Bieeeeen! This is bad-bad! The self-styled "strongest Normin of all Normin" is the mastermind behind all of this?!"
Phoenix: "Self-styled!? I am the man among men, the strongest Normin of all Normin! I am Phoenix!"

Velvet's not impressed. Eleanor's facepalming...

Velvet: "Yeah, yeah, we covered that already."

Eizen: "So you wrote all those letters. What's your bone with me?"
Phoenix: "I merely seek to right wrongs! I recently came into possession of a letter from a sister pouring her heart out to her brother. I traced the letter back to its sender and one day paid her a [...] visit. Surrounding her were presents from her brother...and mountains of letters she couldn't bring herself to send [...] When I read them, my manly tears fell over the same salty stains left by hers!"

Eizen's not happy about Phoenix's intrusion!

Phoenix: "I...acknowledge that I am partly in the wrong." Well, at least he admits his own faults...

Phoenix: "But for all that is righteous, I cannot condone your callous ways. I do this for [Eizen's] sister...as she sends prayers for her brothers safety across the [...] sea."

Eizen asks what he wants.

Phoenix: "That is a question you should be asking of yourself."

Laphicet tries to step in...no good.

Phoenix: "Which is the real you? The considerate brother who worries for his sister? Or the man who consorts with lowlife scum and pirates?! Why can you not at least be honest with her? She is your sister! Why can you not tell her of the life you've chosen to lead?!"

Phoenix: "Do you think her too weak-willed to forgive your decision? Is that what your [...] sister is to you?"

Eizen's had enough.

Phoenix: "Fine then! Show me your power!...If I win, you will go visit your sister immediately. But if I lose, I will obey your every command."

My god, he's quick!

He's weak against earth, but strong against fire and wind!

And his Kick Drop stuns nearly all of my allies!

Rokurou: "You're a funny one, Phoenix! I like you!"
Phoenix: "Laugh all you wish, for the last laugh will be mine!"
Eizen: "I think I'll have you crying instead!"

What makes him tricky is that he's a very small target!

After he KO's Rokurou, he unleashes his Mystic Arte: Surging Ascent!

We fall plenty of times...

I also notice that this Normin's at level 100!

This guy is really tricky! So tricky I have to use up an Elixir!

I decide to stop my session at this point, knowing I'm finished!