Tales of Berseria - Part 155: Magilou vs. Majelu/Exploring Zamahl Grotto

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It seems the populace is coming to from the Suppression...

One of the townspeople are still creeped out by what happened and "hopes it never happens again."

A housewife mentions her child seeing "a great dragon made of light." Innominat. The Abbey didn't give them an answer for the dragon.

The soldiers are telling the populace to keep calm.

Two people from Meirchio are still not happy about what we did to their town.

Eleanor: (to herself) "I'm sorry..."

They're still looking to their lord and savior the Shepherd for aid.

Another soldier's reassuring the citizens that Melchior and Shigure will save the day! I nun so much at this remark. But the citizens are now banding together to help.

Magilou: "Showtime, Majelu! Come out and face me, preferably unprepared!"

The promoter tells us that Majelu's not doing shows at the moment.

Majelu ran away after she and Valta fought...oh dear...

Eleanor's in shock!

Velvet: "So? She's young, she probably just wants to go out and have...fun."

But, according to Valta, it takes three days to get back into tiptop shape after one day off...

Eleanor asks Valta if he's "heard her out." She's in the Zamahl Grotto, but for what reason?

Eleanor: "That place is a nest of vicious daemons!"
Magilou: "Hmmm... if Majelu really went there, then victory could end up being mine by default..."

Oh my god, Magilou...

Eleanor: "This isn't a joking matter! We have to find Majelu!"

Valta: "My precious Lulu...why would she go to a dangerous place?"

We head for the grotto.

All the Abbey guards are missing...

There's a floating witch daemon, and we hear Majelu screaming!

Magilou: "There's our little runaway!"

What a giant daemon!

She's a Weighty Witch, and her broomstick has a lucky golden cat's head on the handle!

Eleanor: "Everyone's pinning their hopes on you, Majelu!"
Magilou: "Don't worry, Magilou's here to help!"

As soon as we reduce her health, she makes a different cry, calling for more reinforcements!

But we take care of them, and we manage to get over a 100 hit combo on the boss!

We win a Dazing Glacite, and a Topaz Ribbon as our prizes!

Majelu thanks us!

Magilou asks if she ran away because of her teacher. She denies it, but Magilou understands...

Magilou: "Teachers aren't good for much other than running their mouths and bossing people around." Oh my, Magilou.

Magilou: "They just try to pick out your flaws. They don't see how hard their students work for them." She shakes her head.

Majelu: "Valta wouldn't even listen to me when I tried explaining why I wanted to come [to Zamahl Grotto]. All he cares about is dancing. He won't talk about anything else..." Poor Majelu...

Magilou agrees, mentioning about her past a little bit. Then she advertises Magilou's Menagerie again.

Majelu has doubts though...a kindred spirit!

But Valta comes forth, limping!

Majelu came to find medicine for her teacher.

Eleanor tries to speak but Magilou stops her.

Valta: "Lulu, the only thing I care about anymore is seeing you become the greatest dancer in the world. I know it's selfish of me...Lulu, your dancing brings so much joy to people. And it's during a time when there isn't a lot of joy to go around."

Then Magilou comes in.

Magilou: "No, no, no! Horrible! Terrible! Contrived!" She calls Majelu unworthy of joining Magilou's Menagerie! Majelu's a bit puzzled...Magilou meant that it's not the time for a scene...

Magilou: "Magikazam!"

Magilou pulls out her doves and sparkling stars!

Majelu: "It's so pretty..."

Magilou: "Fear the might of Magilou, the greatest witch in 100 years! A third-rate dancer...can't even hope to compete with the likes of me. Stand in awe, student and teacher alike!"

Now I know what she's doing!

Majelu: "I might not be able to compete at your level right now, but just you wait. One day, my dancing will beat you! Me and my teacher's dancing won't lose, even if it's to your magic!"

Valta smiles.

Magilou's theme plays.

Magilou: "Oh really? Then it sounds like you and your teacher have lots of work ahead of you. But whenever you want to challenge Magilou's Menagerie, we'll be ready."

Eleanor thanks her for giving Majelu motivation.

Eleanor: "Color me surprised."
Magilou: "Well, I don't know if I'd say that..."

Magilou mentions all of the bad scenarios that could happen between Valta and Majelu. Magilou's projecting her own past onto Majelu's situation...Eleanor's figuring it out.

Magilou: "I'll say this much...It's human nature to end up wanting to stay with someone, if that person is someone who needs you."
Velvet: "Humans...are weak like that."
Eleanor: "But that's what also makes them human." And it's their greatest strength.

Magilou: "Ha ha, look at me. I don't even have a punchline for this one."

Eleanor: "It's a nice change of pace."
Magilou: "Yes, but only on occasion!"

Bienfu wonders about what they'll do for their act. Magilou says "nothing." Poor Bienfu...

Velvet: "There's your punchline."

End of sidequest.

I check around the grotto, and activate the geotree here...

Most of the daemons around here are Mt. Killaraus-level...

There's plenty of one-way creeks here too...

Also, plenty of Katz spirits here for the taking!

In one area, we see a crowd of Ghouls and Katz spirits!

We also grab some Ember Paper for Laphicet!