Tales of Berseria - Part 154: Kamoana's Secret

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There's Orthie and Russ near the fireplace...

We head inside the room, where Medissa and Kamoana are talking.

Kamoana thanks Eleanor for curing her fever, and asks us something.

Kamoana: "I want you to open my treasure chest with me!"

Eleanor asks what's in the chest.

Medissa tells us it's a secret.

Kamoana: "...a really, reeeeeeeaaaaally important treasure!"

I'm interested. She considers it very important to her.

Eleanor asks her where it is.

Kamoana: "On some ice...floating out in the sea...and you can't open it without the key."

Kamoana put the key inside Dyle's pocket.

Velvet's not too comfortable at the idea...I chuckle a bit.

Kamoana: "What else was I supposed to do? It's a secret key!"

We find Dyle at the port of town.

Dyle's not too happy at being a lizard because of the cold weather...

Eleanor tells him not to move and searches him. I'm now taking Velvet's side at this point.

There's no key on him.

Dyle dropped it.

Kamoana thought that he would bite any intruders taking the key. Dyle apologizes.

Velvet asks where he dropped the key. Dyle thinks he may have heard something metallic while "drying [his] shirt back at the inn."

Velvet: "Wait, when it was drying? Don't you know how to check your pockets before you do the wash?" Is she giving this question to everyone who forgets to take out their loose change?

Dyle says he's a "bachelor."

We see something shining near one of the dogs sitting in the fireplace.

It's the key!

Laphicet: "You said the chest was floating on an iceberg, right? I'd say that's our next stop."

Velvet tells Kamoana not to drop the key. The description of the key reminds us "to check [our] pockets before washing [our] clothes."

There's the chest! But it's almost sinking...

Kamoana: "It opened! It opened!"
Laphicet: "Good job, Kamoana!"

Velvet wants to know what's in the chest.

Eleanor: "Don't you remember? It's supposed to be a secret!"
Kamoana: "It's one of my mom's recipes!"


Kamoana: "She wrote it down for me so that I could fix it myself when I got older."

Eleanor's almost weeping.

Eleanor: "That sounds really precious...are you sure you want to share it with us?"

Kamoana says yes, acknowledging it's a secret family recipe.

Kamoana: "But...you all saved me when I needed you, and I really want to thank you, so...it's okay. Thanks everyone!"
Eleanor: "You're welcome, Kamoana."
Kamoana: "It's a recipe for mabo curry that my mom came up with just for me! It's the best in the whole...wide...world!"

Laphicet has stars in his eyes once he heard "mabo curry!"

Kamoana: "You go out there and win! Medissa and me'll be cheering you on!"
Velvet: "Yeah, I won't back down. I promise."

We get the recipe for a Mabo Curry Bun! Yessss! It's Mabo Curry in a bao!

Unfortunately, we don't have the tofu to make it!

We now have 25 recipes out of 30!