Tales of Berseria - Part 149: Goldipen

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Now to face off against this Goldipen, which is a golden-glowing pengyon!

Look at that Goldipen!

Eleanor: "Red eyes, golden coat...it's Goldipen, all right!"
Laphicet: "And she's even got that...quirk."

Velvet warns us about the Goldipen...

Rokurou notices her drooling...

Eleanor: "Does that mean she thinks we look...tasty?!"
Velvet: "Does that mean she's a man-eating pengyon?!"

Then Jude gets in between them!

Jude: "No matter how much Milla loves to eat, she would never attack a person without good reason! Wait, this pengyon isn't Milla!" He falls.

Jude: "When I got your message, I ran all the way here without stopping to eat or drink..." Oh my god Jude...

Milla: "That's enough. When will you people learn to leave this pengyon alone?"

She assumes the crew's hunting pengyons...

Milla: "If you want to hunt the pengyons, you'll have to fight me first!"

Here we go!

Velvet: "Who the hell are you?"
Milla: "I'm Milla Maxwell. And I'm the Protector of Pengyons!"

Originally I used Rokurou, then I switched to Velvet!

After her health is down slightly below half, she unleashes Elemental Mastery, her Mystic Arte!

Now we manage to take her HP down to a quarter and she unleashes it a second time to Rokurou!

Eventually, I switch Magilou with Eizen, and after nearly getting Velvet KO'd a second time by Milla, we gradually win...

Milla: "You're strong... you know your way around a sword."
Velvet: "As do you. I can see that Jude wasn't exaggerating when he called you the Lord of Spirits."

Milla's in shock at hearing Jude's name!

Milla: "Do you know him? I've been looking all over for him!"

Velvet points him out to her. Milla's relieved that he's safe...

Jude: "Milla...you can tell it's me?"
Milla: "Of course I can. You're a lot smaller on the outside, but you're still you on the inside."

Jude's blushing at the compliment.

Jude mentions that he's not having an easy time as a pengyon...

Milla knows it too.

Milla: "Leia and Elise would probably be worried sick, and Alvin would tease you mercilessly." Especially Alvin...

Jude mentions that when he fought them, he changed back into his former self. Milla assumes that they're pengyon hunters!

Velvet denies it.

Jude tells her he was the one that told him where she was.

Milla apologizes for her hastiness.

Jude: "Everyone, thank you so much for reaching out to me."

Eizen tells him not to think too much of it.

Eizen: "We just did the same as anybody would."
Laphicet: "I'm glad you found your friend."

Velvet: "However, both of you are still stuck here."

Milla: "It's fine. The two of us will figure something out. We'll get back Jude to his former self and find our way home to Rieze Maxia."

The goldipen shrieks and flaps its flippers!

Milla: "I've taken quite a liking to him! Somehow he just feels familiar..."

Jude, Milla, and the goldipen leave...

Rokurou: "They're gone. Is it really okay to let them leave?"

Velvet asks Eizen if Milla has anything to do with the Empyreans. Maybe they just came from another dimension the same time we woke the Empyreans up...

Eizen mentions that her artes are super different than what malakhim use...

Magilou: "Agreed. I think I might actually believe they came from another world."

Velvet mentions her taking care of the exorcist, and doesn't think that she's with the Abbey.

Laphicet considers her joining the crew, but Velvet thinks about it, and decides no.

Velvet: "I wonder...I feel like she might be a bit out of our league."
Laphicet: "I don't know. I think you two have more in common than you care to admit."

Rokurou suggests leaving them alone.

Rokurou: "Besides if they came with us, Eleanor might try to eat Jude."
Eleanor: "I would not!"

We get our rewards for fighting Milla! 90,000 XP!!! Along with a Grandmaster Smith's Acerite and a Mini-Milla plushie!

This means we can upgrade our weapons up to level 10!

Well, that was a surprise!