Tales of Berseria - Part 138: A Bevy of Skits

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Another skit: Eleanor points out Mt. Killaraus hasn't erupted at all. Rokurou wonders if he lied about that. Magilou points out, knowing him, he can tell half-truths.

Eizen: "With the four Empyreans revived, the land has awakened. Changes in the earth that once took eons will now happen in a few 100 years."

Mt. Killaraus' eruption has probably been hastened by centuries. Lucky it hasn't happened yet.

Laphicet: "[100 years is a] long while to a human, but compared to the history of the land, it'll be a blink of an eye."

Magilou warns about Innominat and what he will do once he's finished, though.

Poor Velvet...

And Magilou brushes that worry off. Eleanor disagrees.

A third skit: Avenging Aifread.

Laphicet's aware of the strength Melchior had. Velvet owes Magilou for distracting Melchior. Eizen points that out.

Velvet asks Eizen if he wanted to finish him.

Eizen's not concerned, but I'm thinking he's a bit disappointed.

Eizen: "If Melchior had only manipulated Aifread for personal reasons, then that would be settled now. But he was acting based on his idea of 'reason,' that creating a world without malevolence was worth the cost of [...] people's free will. Aifread won't be avenged until I destroy that very philosophy."

So Eizen has his plans too. He's staying till the very end. Not until the Shepherd and Innominat are gone can his revenge be fulfilled.

Velvet and Eizen make a challenge to each other to be the ones to take care of the remaining Abbey members. Laphicet's in too.

I save before opening the next skit.

Skit: Magilou asks Velvet about the feeling of taking out the souls from inside her.

Velvet and Eleanor are grossed out by her question.

Magilou: "Why so cranky? I was only asking to see if you were getting hungry or not."

Oh, Magilou...

Velvet's hungry but it wasn't the souls. She thinks it's thanks to Innominat losing power that she's gaining her appetite.

Rokurou's hungry too. And so does everyone else!

Magilou denies being hungry. Eizen decides she's on watch during dinner.

Eleanor and Velvet decide to make food once they get back...

Bienfu and Laphicet are excited about their courses.

Magilou is definitely hungry. She wants "Calegian-style borscht!" Hee.

Velvet then tells her to get peaches. For the pie.

Another skit: Brawny Bienfu?

This skit is just progress on our geotree-searching. Poor Bienfu...

Laphicet apologizes, but Bienfu doesn't mind, as he's getting stronger!

Eleanor apologizes for putting Bienfu through the geoboard business, but she thanks him.

And it goes downhill from here...in Bienfu's case...Eleanor will massage him...with her spear!

Bienfu reconsiders, but she massages him anyway...

Now where to next?