Tales of Berseria - Part 123: Four Empyreans

Kurogane tells us the pirates knew what they were up against...

Kamoana saw the pirates mourning. She thought the "daemon [Aifread] was really scary..."

Many of Aifread's crew's gone...

Even Dyle thinks a captain killing his own crew is the worst way to go...

We ask Grim about the four Empyreans. Once Innominat's domain is closed, the malakhim are free from the exorcists, says Eleanor.

Magilou: "More importantly, Innominat will lose the ability to enhance the resonance of his exorcists. Most exorcists won't be able to perceive malakhim at all. Of course, anyone as innately gifted as me is another story."

Eleanor's worried that she won't see Phi at all...but she proceeds with the plan anyway. ☹️

Rokurou: "But these...Empyreans, they're gods right? You sure it's okay to disturb their beauty sleep?"
Magilou: "Waking them is likely to upset the balance of the world quite a bit." Coming from Magilou, that's a big understatement there.

Velvet thinks they may have to bring "a sacrifice in an earthpulse on a Scarlet Night."

Grim points out they need to offer a "soul free of malevolence." They don't need to take care of anyone...

Magilou: "Doesn't Velvet have a bellyful of them?" She smirks at Velvet's direction.

Magilou thinks that Velvet can take out the exorcists' souls she consumed. Namely, Oscar and Teresa. Holy heck...

Velvet asks Grim when the next Scarlet Night will happen.

Grim tells us the next Scarlet Night's coming..."soon."

Rokurou wonders if there's enough time for that...

Grim mentions a "lifepool" of sorts to awaken all four Empyreans at once. Hmmm...

Grim explains vertically flowing earthpulses, which "collects" down into the base of the earthpulse, which is a lifepool. When flowing up, it's a lifespring.

This talk of lifesprings and lifepools reminds me of the Nofbecgvba naq Enqvngvba Tngrf va Nolff...

Grim knows there's a lifepool in northern Midgand, but she mentions a temple's there.

Magilou: "That's the Empyrean's Throne!"
Grimoirh: "Ah, most unfortunate."

Phi suggests a lifespring.

Velvet decides to force feed the offering through the lifespring! Now this is getting interesting...

Rokurou asks where that is. Eizen points out that it's in Mt. Killaraus, the volcano up at Northgand.

Magilou calls the volcano a "hellscape of ice and lava." So, in a way, Mt. Killaraus is this game's literal Hailfire Peaks.

Rokurou: "So in short, we shove the souls of the exorcists into the molten core of that volcano."

Eleanor thinks it'll work, and they'll seal Innominat that way.

Alright, it's settled! Off to Northgand!