Tales of Berseria - Part 110: The Tragedy of Oscar and Teresa

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Eleanor pleads with Oscar to stop. He's not going to listen...

Oscar now powers up his newfound fusion powers once more!

Rokurou: "He's losing control of the malak!"
Eizen: "He's turning into a dragon!"
Magilou: "Velvet, quick! Devour that thing!"
Phi: "Stop! He's still—"

Oscar lunges, and they continue their duel from Titania!

Velvet finishes him off with her arm! She's in shock at what she did...

Teresa's still alive...also in shock at her brother's death!

Velvet: "No, I..."

Teresa: "He was a good kid. He gave me this pair of earrings for my birthday...They're family heirlooms that were supposed to go to his fiancee...but he didn't know that at the time...I told him he should give them to the woman he cares most about in the world...And you know what he did? He smiled at me and said I was that woman."

Teresa: "So sweet...so innocent... and you took him away!"

Velvet's still in shock...

Teresa: "You killed my Oscar!"

Flashback to the Scarlet Night...

Now there's another woman who wants revenge, and it's Velvet who did the deed...

Teresa lunges at Velvet!

Eizen and Phi tell Velvet to stop!

Velvet finally takes care of her.

Teresa crawls to her brother...

Teresa: "You're so hurt. I'll get you...all fixed up...Don't cry, Oscar...you're strong...you're so strong...Oscar..."

With tears in her eyes, Teresa falls...

Velvet devours their malevolence.

Magilou: "And we didn't even get the therion we came for."

Velvet's still shaking, trying to justify to herself what she did.

Velvet: "He...Oscar came at him first..." She's talking about the malak.

Velvet pulls out her brother's comb.

Velvet: "I had to... It was for Laphi...For my little brother..."

She falls again.

We get a Master Smith's Acerite, meaning we can upgrade our weapons up to level 9!

Happy Easter Sunday, y'all!!

Note: I'm currently posting this part of my playthrough that I did on Easter two years ago, hence why I wrote "Happy Easter Sunday" here.