Tales of Berseria - Part 11: In Chilling, Uncharted Territory

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Now the ship's landed in cold climes...

A young boy comes to a sleeping Velvet and heals her...she wakes and sees Laphicet, or a malak. He runs.

But daemons stop him!

Velvet runs to protect him!

Magilou calls Velvet a "box of horrors," as Velvet consumes more daemons.

Rokurou apologizes for not coming to her aid, saying he's unarmed. Velvet points out he's wearing a weapon: Stormhowl. Rokurou will not use it, though.

The malak fled...

Velvet tells both Magilou and Rokurou to leave. No way, says Rokurou, as his debt to her isn't paid yet. Plus, there's no nearby towns...

Rokurou picks up a map, probably dropped by the child malak.

We're in Northgand...

But, in order to get to Midgand, they need to fix the ship.

Magilou's asking where the nearest warmest place is...along with food and tales.

We're now in Figahl Icecaps, the Land of Dancing White, and our next stop is to go to Hellawes.

Magilou asks Velvet about the child, who she called "Laphicet."

Rokurou's also curious as to why he can heal without orders from their exorcist or master. Maybe he's a free malak.

He took the compass too...

We also stole the map from him.

Lol, Magilou, you are far from being "an island of virtue in a sea of wickedness."

Rokurou agrees with her, probably sarcastically.

Magilou and Rokurou have another skit chat. Rokurou's curious about the difference between a witch and a spellcaster...

She says it's a matter of nuance. Oh my god, she's very funny, but very audacious.

Rokurou: "Self-improvement in all things, I suppose."

I read the synopsis so far. The Sorcerer's Ring has a name: Brunhilt.

I save before proceeding further.

I also look up the fashion menu, and I can switch between animations. It's a nice detail. It's one of the reasons why I like the Tales series so much.

I can also access the world map by going to the area map first and pressing triangle.

Enough stops, let's go.

Magilou complains about Velvet's wardrobe in the freezing weather. Velvet's not human anymore, as Velvet herself points out.

This place reminds me of Xillia's wide-open areas, but more colder.

I get some Rosemary planted near the edge of the icy cliff.

Another skit: Rokurou got locked up in Titania because of personal, family-related problems. Magilou asks if he's sure that he should be carrying more debts. Rokurou recites one of his family's maxims: "Pay what you owe."

Rokurou was locked up for three years, like Velvet too. Same with Magilou.

So Magilou got locked up for "unlicensed witchcraft." Lol...she says it's "a tale of betrayal most wicked and foul." Just like Velvet. Velvet reacts a bit.

Flying monsters, just like in Secret of Mana, are pretty hard to hit.

I see a lone Katz and three spiky chests...

I turn around and climb the incline to get more treasure.

There's a lone chest on a small crevice, but there's no bridge nor any ability I have yet to cross over there.

I do some more level grinding before moving on to the next area.

We see a tall stone wall before us, that's probably the city of Hellawes.

Holy heck, there's exorcist guards surrounding the entrance to the city!

Now, how are the threesome going to get in?

The malak appears before them again, and apologizes for taking the compass. He places it on the ground and runs off...

Rokurou's suspicious of him, since he might be working for the exorcists.

Velvet's considering him for dessert, if necessary. Yikes...

We follow the child malak through a small passage on the side of the city into a small opening.

I save here before climbing the ladder up to Hellawes.