Tales of Berseria - Part 109: Fusion

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I continue clearing the Baird Marsh of its treasures.

After some geoboarding and switch activating, I make it to the second-to-last area here...

I grab a pair of Military Hike boots from the sunken part of the ruin in this area.

We make it to a large landmass, where, in the corner of ruined columns, we get Old Flyers for Phi!

We turn back and see that the way to the therion and Oscar is blocked by a set of blue and yellow barriers. I set the crystal switches and save here...

Another long trail and a den of monsters later, we find the earthpulse point!

Teresa asks everyone if they know the plan. Velvet reminds her that she's a hostage for Oscar, and to not to do "anything funny."

I pick up a Summertime Waistcoat...

Ahead, we see a huge meadow of white flowers, with Oscar and the therion in the middle of them...

East of where Oscar is, I pick up a Valkyrie spear for Eleanor!

There's the therion lying on the flowerbed...with Oscar looking on.

Oscar: "I knew you'd come, Velvet."

Velvet now holds Teresa hostage.

Oscar calls her a "coward." Eleanor apologizes, and tells him of her quest for the truth.

Teresa makes her apologies to Oscar. Oscar disarms slowly...and throws his sword at Velvet!

Teresa runs behind Oscar...

...and knocks him out!

Teresa: "Forgive me Oscar... this is the only way I can protect you."

Velvet tells Teresa to leave with Oscar.

Teresa: "I can't do that. It will reflect poorly upon him."

She knows she's only human without her malak.

Teresa: "But he has shown me the light! And it shines! My body is receptive to Innominat's power!"

She approaches the therion.

Teresa: "And with it, I can protect everything I care about!"

She lets the therion eat her!!!

No, fuse with her!

Phi: "She turned into a therion?!"

Magilou confirms what me and Phi said.

Now our fight with Teresa begins!

Velvet: "Merging with a therion...do you realize what you're doing, Teresa?!"

Now I'm thinking of more Steven Universe puns to write down right now...

Teresa: "A trivial sacrifice! I'd do anything for my Oscar!"

Teresa also knows how to Jump like a dragoon...

Now she performs her Mystic Arte on Velvet: Violent Mix!

A minute later, Phi tries to talk to her...

Phi: "Teresa, stop this already! Please!"
Teresa: "There's no turning back! Not with so much at stake! His future depends on this!"

Her Explode arte is another danger we have to watch out for! It's taken out both Velvet and Rokurou!

Now Teresa goes after Phi with her Mystic Arte!

And it all goes downhill from here for us as she continues spamming her Explode spell...

Now for round two...

With tons of adjustments, we finish her off easily!

She falls, trampling the flowers beneath her...still not giving up...

Oscar comes to Teresa...

Oscar: "It's okay, sister...you've done enough."
Teresa: "No, don't look at me..."

Oscar tells his story to her.

Oscar: "When I was growing up, the only one my mother and father ever paid any attention to was my older brother the heir. But you, Teresa...you noticed when they didn't. You looked after me. Supported me...I could never thank you enough, my sister..."

Oh my god...

Oscar: "Now keep watching over me, Teresa. As long as you're looking after me...I can vanquish even the lord of daemons!"

Now it's his turn to fight...

His only malak joins him.

Oscar: "Take a good look...this is armatization!"

Here we go, another fusion!

A set of glowing wings grow behind him! And he's glowing like an angel...

Here's Oscar's armatization theme!
Along with Teresa's battle theme!

Oscar lunges, descending down like a vengeful angel!

Magilou: "Wh-what's happened to him?!"
Velvet: "He merged with his malak?!"
Rokurou: "That's one hell of an arte!"

He tires out all of us by firing wind spikes from his wings!

After a few hits later, Oscar's straining from the fusion...and fires wind beams around one part of the arena!

He casts his Mystic Arte: Sylphid Blaze!

Velvet's hanging on so far, and the battle continues!

It's a real long one, but not as hard as the previous battle with Teresa...

I finish him off with Eleanor, along with help from Velvet's therionization attacks!