Tales of Berseria - Part 102: Therion Hunter

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We come across more Undead Sorcerers. Probably they may have caused, or were part of, the illusion...

More crossing, I activate the geotree for this area and use the geoboard to reach the gap I couldn't get to the first time...

Sliding down the stream...

And a dangerous encounter with Wolf Berserkers ensues! They overpower us, but I manage to escape...

I smash the boulder blocking the north fork before the save point and get the treasures within...

I circle around back to the save point before the cape, fighting a few times.

The therion's a two-headed dog!

The Therion Orthrus!

They're weak to wind, but strong against fire and water!

We corner them, but they unleashes their fiery breath on us!

Velvet recognizes the therion! They're Orthie and Russ!

Great, they're now regenerating itself!

The dogs can also do an Elemental Breath among other tricks!

We make it thanks to Laphicet, Eizen, Velvet, and Magilou's relentless efforts!

Velvet destroys the barrier!

Velvet: "Sorry, pups. You're coming with me."

Velvet calms them down.

Velvet: "I killed their owner. I deserve all their hate, and then some. But not now. Understand? [...] Until then, I need your help."

Awww, look at the puppies...

The illusion's now gone...

Phi's in shock since he found an original copy of the Innominat tome in Velvet's cabin, and it's gone!

Eleanor decides that they should go back and find it there.

What a medium fight, but it's packed with action!

Magilou now knows Fairy Circle and we get an Elemental Attuned Glacite!

Skit: Get The Book

Rokurou: "That was one hell of an illusion. I have to admire the skill that went into its construction." You're telling me. Eizen: "The caster has a tethered malak with a unique power on the same level as my Reaper's curse." It must be Melchior who made these illusions.

Eizen sort of confirms it. He doesn't mention the spellcaster by name...

Rokurou: "Still, we may have a new clue to the nature of Innominat." He asks if Phi found the original copy of the tome. He did.

There's a walking code red daemon around the grass before the shrine. I proceed to take care of him as well...

This code red daemon regenerates his health!

We got him on the ropes...

...then he unleashes his powerful spell, Gravity Storm, KO'ing eveyone but Magilou!

Eizen's on the field now!

The code red only regenerates depending on how much damage we take!

We eventually beat him, though!

I see a Katz Box behind the circle of the ruins, but I don't have enough spirits to open it...

We make it back to Aball at sunrise.

Phi: "There's nobody here..."
Velvet: "This...is reality."

We return to the ruin again to open the Katz Box now that I have enough spirits. We receive an invitation!