Tales of Arise - Part 6: Enter Shionne

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shionne w rifle

So that's her fullname: Shionne Vymer Imeris Daymore, and she has a rifle!

Iron Mask touches her shoulder, and the thorns die off!

iron mask in front

Iron Mask tells her to flee!

No go. Shionne decides to team up with him!

I get pointers on how combos work. It's quite intricate. I have to remember not to use the same skill more than twice.

second battle

What a beginning!

And I'm treated to a skit...it has the look of a traditional comic book.


Iron Mask: "Have we met somewhere before?"
Shionne: "Me, friends with a Dahnan? Can't say I've had the pleasure."
Iron Mask: "...Yeah, silly question. I don't remember anything about my past. Don't have any clues to go on, either. Not even my own face..."

Shionne's quite the direct talker.

Shionne's eyes widen when Iron Mask notes he can't feel any pain.

no pain no face

Now I'm wondering who was the person that found Iron Mask...

Shionne's next move is to go "outside, silly." But where outside?

I’m treated to another skit: The Masked Slave.

For my own sake, I'm not going to write everything down. Or, I hope I don't.

Shionne wonders how Iron Mask can see with that mask on. But Iron Mask can.

Iron Mask: "If I could get it off, I would. Damn thing makes it hard to eat, and I can't scratch my face when it itches. It's the worst."

Shionne points out how much attention he gets wearing it.

Dahnans don't mind, otherwise, they'll be at the mercy of other masked folks.

The other masked ones are, in Iron Mask's words, "kill first, questions later" people.

If the soldiers do cause trouble, it would mean headaches for their higher-ups.

Shionne: "I don't serve any of the lords." Interesting.

Shionne points out the 300 years of complacency from the Renan soldiers...

I check the menu again: I can now access artes!

Unfortunately, I cannot access Shionne's stats...

With L1, I can access the stats of Iron Mask only.

We meet up with Zephyr at the start of the mine.

reunited zephyr

He decides to join us. We hotfoot it out of the mine...