Terranigma - Part 7: First Tower

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The camera pans down, showing the scale and might of the first tower.

tower entrance

tower bottom

Masked faces on the walls, knights flanked to the tower with swords, and a staircase to a sealed entrance. This tower is definitely not haunted.

But, it's probably quite ominous.

Ark: "So this is what [the Elder] was calling a tower. Heh, I'm getting excited here."

As he runs up the stairs to the entrance...

face appear

Holy heck! A face! Ark's reaction is the same as mine. He tells the face on the door not to scare him.

Face on gate: "I am the Guardian. What business have you here?"

I'm given a decision. Should I tell the guardian what we're doing, or to "step aside"? I do the first part.

Ark asks the guardian how he could save his village. The guardian tells us to go inside the tower.

face talk

Guardian: "Within wander countless souls of living things. Reach the uppermost floor and gain the power to control the world." Control the world? Oh dear... ☹

The guardian knows Ark's name. Has this Guardian been watching him since he unsealed that box too?

Guardian: "Will you test your fate?"

The face disappears and the way is open.

way open

I take a deep breath before entering.

The first two official monsters we face in the tower are some roly-poly-like monsters, except they have one eye!

After a third one is gone, we climb more stairs.

first floor stairs

I check the menu, and check the map of the tower.

tower map 1f

I wonder how I can have Ark perform the other attack moves?

The second floor's where the real challenge begins...

I meet up with one of those flame orbs again. I have to remember to be careful about them, since they can hurt Ark pretty badly.

On the other side of the perch, more monsters, and I pick up our first Magirock of the game!

magirock get

After descending down the stairs, I check the map again. It turns out I can scroll through the map.

This tower has five floors, the question mark at the top floor probably marking the boss.

After more flame orbs are gone, I see a flashing bulb of light. Is it a fairy?

i am wandering soul

Soul: "Living things have been transformed into monsters." What?

Soul: "Like you have saved me, save the others."

The portcullis to the next floor opens up, and the soul vanishes!

I realize our health has recovered after saving that soul, as I proceed to take care of another flame orb.

level up

Yay, Ark!

Ark folds his arms and cheers!

I realize now that Ark's health regenerates.

Onto the third floor, where more surprises await!

knight again

Oh no, it's that colossus knight again!

Not just one knight, but two of them. Taking advantage of the open space I have, I use it to slowly win the battle, and avoid their mighty lances!

Going up, more enemies, and another Magirock await!

We free another soul, who gives us advice: "Fighting alone is not strength. Observation is the solution."

On the left perch, we see more items to take.

Feeling a bit lost, I check the map again, where I see an exit on the southern end of the map.

south exit


Lucky Ark's holding on to a chain...

Up to the fourth floor we go!

The character animation of Ark is so fluid, and it shows when he's climbing on the chain rope.

Two more monsters to face...

way down

It seems like this is going to be a one-way trip.

Falling down, and climbing another staircase, where I see one of those giant lance knights. Without a care, I have Ark charge at them.

Now how to get that Magirock?

Meeting another knight, I pull the same strategy as last time.

Now for the third knight...

third knight