Terranigma - Part 4: Menu Box

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menu box

So is this a hub world of sorts for the game?

jewel box

Aside: I'm guessing this Jewel Box might have had something to do with the Red Jewels from Gaia, the previous game I played.

Yomi: "Magic rings and summon medals are placed in [the Jewel Box]. You can also check your stock of Magirock for making magic." Making magic? Oooo...

So I have to equip the Jewel Box in the middle to perform magic.

Yomi flies to the left: where the Battle Handbook is.

Yomi now hovers over to different locations in the room.

The Strength Mirror checks stats.

The Settings Memo is for game configuration.

The Map's for dungeons.

Lastly, the Journey Guidebook, for different tips.

Yomi flies before the trio of doors: where there's a sword sign, an item sign, and a sign showing a suit of armor, or a mask.

Next, we're inside the Item Room, which stores items.

My favorite part about the room is what the discard pile is called: the Whole Hole.

I'm glad that the game took time to explain its menu for two reasons: for the player's benefit, and so it doesn't feel like the game is breaking its own story rules while keeping the gameplay intact. I hope I'm making sense with the second point.

Next room: Weapon Room.

In order to fight, I need to wield a weapon. The sparkle is probably the weapon I'm equipped with.

Next room: Armor Room.

Back at the center room, where Yomi tells us to go back to the Weapon Room.

surprise for you

Here are the rooms, or as I should call them: menus.

armor menu

item menu

weapon menu

Aside: This is giving me ideas for any future games I might end up making someday regarding their menu system...

I have Ark go to the sparkling slot...

seal undone

Is that you, Ahrah?

"I have awaited here for someone who could use me at will. Humans, upon gaining intelligence, will learn of my existence. Using me, humans will gain power and expand their world. And time will revolve as it ever has. Like others before you, you have opened this box and met me. Have you the courage to use me?"


"Then take me in your hands exactly as your soul desires."

I press A again, and get our first weapon!

first weapon

Yomi notices someones outside of the box...uh oh...