Terranigma - Part 36: Restoring the Zue/Zoo

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Now let's see, how do we get out of this river?

We manage to make our way out of the river, and see if the river's flowing near the entrance...

It looks like there are still some dry spots around...even with the downpour...

I'm now back at the entrance and the river in the area's still dry.

We double back to the northern areas, and make a right turn, where a part of the river has been restored.

I have Ark swim east, where the sunlight peeks through.

river with boulders

We take care of a chameleon and lunge through boulders and a Dungun. The strategy on fighting a Dungun is to charge at them and sidestep so they won't use their spin attacks, and cause an explosion.

I accidentally move to the east, going to the next area after taking care of the Dungun.

I fight the creature again. Unfortunately, Ark gets caught in one of its fireballs.

We free a soul!

Eastwards, and after two Dunguns, I have Ark jump down into the empty riverbed. We make a left at the fork, where there's no way forward. We take a right...

Ark notices a rock wall...

odd rock wall

Is it a dam?

Ark thinks it could be eroded away if "a puff of air" swept by.

We encounter two Douma toads, where we take care of one, revealing the next soul! The other Douma toad, with their dying breath, pushes Ark to the rock wall, destroying it!

wall destroyed

After climbing the riverbed cliff, we circle around the top layer, and scale another wall to find another Rainfall Altar!

I mark the place of the Altar in my memory and go west. A lizardman awaits, along with another soul!

I have Ark pick up the stray Magirock, and find the last soul to fill the riverbed in this area.

Going back to the start of the eastern area, I have Ark crawl under the nearby shrubs to take care of the Dungun Duo, expecting us...

...and we release the last soul for this altar!

We pick up the contents of the chest nearby, and run back to the altar...

green grass

I have Ark swim southwards...

dry land

It seems more land needs to be made fertile...

Further south, a floating rock stops our progress down the river.

floating rock

Two areas later, we make our way ashore to the third Altar.

third altar

In the next landing downstream, west of the altar, we find another Magirock.

We've hit the end of the line. We double back to the part of the shore where a few enemies are...

We liberate another soul from the chameleon, and we go north...

push a stone

After pushing a floating stone down the river, we clear a path to the east.

I accidentally jump over a Dungun, and Ark's health is whittled down as a consequence!

North of the grassy area, we pick up two more treasures: a Life Potion and more money!

South, we free another soul!

Down another empty riverbed we go...

And we free soul number three from a Douma! Along with the last soul from another Douma toad before it kicks us back to the last screen!

Now, we restore this part of the Zoo...

last altar cave

There's probably one more Altar to unlock...

We swim back to the newly filled river, and notice the last altar's entrance...