Terranigma - Part 32: Windvale

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After a year out of town, it's time to pickup where I left off!

I was mapping out the controller and the keyboard a few days ago so I could take screenshots faster and without accidentally opening up the menu, and along with enjoying my new Switch games, was why I was holding off on continuing this playthrough.

Now, iirc, what I have to do next is ask one of the birds on the south cliff's edge to take me to Windvale.

bird flight

Here I go!

Ark: "Windvale? Sounds exciting. Will you take me?"
Gull: "Sure thing! We'll leave now. Hang on tight!"


Here we go!

The Mode 7 graphics still look so good...

We're passing the Great Lake...and we're descending!

We're now at Windvale proper.

The gull explains to us about how Windvale is important to the birds.

spring wind

Gull: "On that cue, we leave to fly all over the world."

We go inside the cave...

No HUD, it means we're safe for now...

entering windvale

What is that sparkling thing?

sparkling thing

I have Ark walk over to the edge, no good. Throwing a stone doesn't seem to make anything happen either. Jumping to the sparkle also doesn't work...

I go back outside.


The gull says the same thing as before.

What am I supposed to do here?

I go back, and after throwing all the stones into the abyss...

deep voice

"Who is arousing me from my sleep? What? I hear the calling of birds. I sense the fragrance of spring. I understand...The long, harsh winter is over. I know not who you might be, but I thank you for waking me. I shall get to work immediately."

The sparkles rise...

sparkles rise

The wind is now blowing freely!

We go back to the gull and back to the Kingbird's Nest!

returning midair

Now we tell the King of All Birds the good news, which he is well aware of...

wind returning

As a reward, he gives us a Wind Pin! It's meant to cure status effects using the birds as help!

wind pin get

Now we're ready to go to travel to new lands!

I check up on the menu box to get my bearings.

I dump out the Clothes, since the defense on it is a bit too low...

Next, we talk to the middle gull, who has plans to migrate.

new continent

The new continent he wants to go to is Kamiyo, huh?

I wonder if I can return to the Kingbird's Nest after I leave to other places...

After remembering what happened last time, I say no to the gull. I decide to go back to that stray forest to pick up any new treasures there.

No new treasures here, so I double back to the Evegreen Lake, and meet with an Amaryllis.


She sings us a song as a reward.

It's the same music I heard from the Sanctuary...

I go north, talk with a few more flowers, and buy Ra Armor. I wish I could sell stuff here...

Back to the Kingbird's Nest, where we talk to the leftmost gull, who's going to Safarium, the Paradise of Animals.

The rightmost gull offers us a return trip to Windvale.

And the middle one offers to take us to the continent of Kamiyo...where to start?

I start by returning to Windvale, to see if I've missed anything.

Throwing stones at the chasm does nothing anymore...

I return back and save here.

I'm surprised at how short Windvale is!