Terranigma - Part 3: Tunnel

Now in a tunnel of darkness...

Talking to the man here, he's frozen...

frozen man

I go back up, where one guy warns me not to go down there. I agree, but there's only one way to go forward and that's down...

Before I do, I save.

Deeper still, I see the other two guys, who are also frozen.

Down one more flight of stairs, the voice calls again.


sealed box

What is that?

I go forward, where touching the spinning gem bounces Ark back!

calm soul!

"Now! Soothe your soul. Calm down...Gently now...Touch this...box..."

A flash of light, and a flying creature appears! Is it harmful?

flying creature

im free

Ark: "W-what is this!? It spoke!"
Creature: "You got something against me talking?"

The creature doesn't like being called an 'it.'

proper name yknow

Yomi: "I have a proper name, y'know. Yomi."

Ark thinks the Elder kept Yomi locked in a box because of how unusual Yomi looked.

Yomi explains the situation.

world inside box

A world inside the box?

Ark asks about the box that sealed Yomi. It's in Ark's hands.

Yomi: "Whoever breaks the seal on the box gains the right to own it. From now on, you can go to and from inside the box by pressing the Select key."

Yomi decides to take us inside the box.