Terranigma - Part 29: Cliff Climbing

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As I'm getting ready for my last session before I go into hiatus, I'd like to thank everyone who's been following my liveblogs so far!

Back to that Grecliff, where I think I noticed another tunnel in... but it's only a dead end.

This bird enemy is super quick!

bird enemy

There we go!

Now outside at the second floor of the cliff, I try to find other passages I haven't reached last time...

I get the drop on the Quaker this time by having Ark make a diving charge at another stone creature before he lands!

Climbing up to another floor now. After a few failed attempts, we make a leaping charge past the chasm!

other side of chasm

After another diving charge past another chasm, we finally make it! I celebrate a bit by having Ark swim at the watering hole here.

watering hole

Outside, there's another chest on the west side of the cliff, but the gap is too wide for us to reach.

Eastward, there's more vines to climb. I'm expecting mudmen here too...

Miraculously, no mudmen appear, and we find another Magirock at the north end of the cliff.

tunnel nearby

Inside the tunnel south and west from there, we come across more boulders blocking our path...


Not a problem, as Ark destroys them easily with the new spear!

Past another flight of steps down, we're back outside, where a mudman and more swoopers wait for us.

As we leap up the short cliffs, we take care of one swooper bird with a diving save.

cliff steps

In the next area, and I notice these small men there. Are they friend or foe?

small fighters

It looks like they're foes, as they start performing martial arts and rolling at us!

There are now two sets of vines for us to climb, and I take the southernmost set, leading us to another set of Magirock. But, it's guarded by a mudman.

We pass him, and go east, which is a dead end.

We go back up and take the vines going inside a hole. The vines though, are very short.

We fall a long way down!

long way down

And we're back outside, at the place where we found a Magirock.

We climb back up again.

vines or hole

What to do, what to do?

Falling in, I steer Ark in a fork going to the left...

to the left

...and we end up at the unreachable chest!

unreachable chest

We climb the set of vines west of the chest, tumbling us down to another undiscovered part of the cliffs. The place is infested with more living mud puddles!

East is a dead end, and west leads us to a bridge over to the next cliff.


tunnel second cliff

Inside a tunnel in the second cliff, small leaping mini-stone heads fire small fireballs at us!

I give up and have Ark sprint away from them, and find more Magirock!


On the other side of the large passage, we climb another set of steps into more of those falling platforms!

upstairs falling platforms

We make a sprint for it, which doesn't cause the platforms to fall. I realize they're not falling because of the Quaker head on the other side didn't jump...

The rest of the room has more of those large stone heads!

I have Ark sprint and quickly take care of them as we go.

We did it!

falling platforms end

Unfortunately, our small celebration is short-lived as more swoopers come to roost on Ark!

birds nest

So we're now at their giant nest, huh?

We noticed a sparkling thing in the nest, and pick it up.

sharp claws

Now we can climb those reliefs in the cliffs! Gur pynjf' hfr vf fvzvyne gb gur cvgbaf va gur svany Hapunegrq tnzr.

I also learn that the swooper birds here are called Peritons.

I test the Claws out on some of the cliff faces we've seen.

climbing cliffs

Now that's a lovely horizon...

I have Ark climb up the long cliff, reaching a tunnel. From the map, we're now in the large part of the fifth floor.

We run into more old enemies such as the Peritons, and Quaker stone heads.

Up another cliff, we meet more of those small rolypoly people, and find more money and a Magirock!

More rumblin' and tumblin'!

rumble tumble

At our landing spot, I notice another Magirock, but the vine to get up there is too short and too far to reach!

I have Ark go west...

vine climb

Dangit, we're almost low on health! After some healing, I check up on the description of the Sharp Claws.

sharp claw description

Westward, we're back at the entrance, but on the top cliff this time!

We reach more unreachable loot as well!

life potion

I leave the Grecliff, or as it should be called, the Great Cliffs, and do some R&R for a bit.

While I'm writing this, I forget to pause the game, as a stone creature attacks Ark!!