Terranigma - Part 27: Crossing to North America

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Before heading to the next area, I buy a few more Fire Rings...

Now that we've talked to the Ra Tree, a vine to climb is now set up for us in Guiana.

vine to climb

Thank you, Ra Tree.

I have Ark speak to the flower, who gives him a message.

you are not alone

The flower gets down to business.

Flower: "When more living things are revived, they will come to your help. Ahead there is land that was a paradise [for] birds. Like us, the birds must be awaiting your help."

Up the vine we go...

beautiful horizon

Holy heck, that's a nice horizon...

A bunch of boulders, or a clump of moss, tells us to head north.

We cross Central America...

central america

...and make it to North America, where we end up near the edge of the desert, where Colorado, in-universe, is supposed to be.


I wander around North America, accidentally ending up near a forest. We go back.

At the foot of the western mountain range, we make it to a "sanctuary." A book, two souls (shops), and a flower await.

The flower laments, mentioning a bird sanctuary that used to exist in this area. The birds' cries echo around the flower...

stone mountain north

So that's where our next stop is going to be...

The magishop here has new wares: a Pyro Ring, and the Grass Pin that the Tree gave us.

I check our jewel box.

grasspin jewel box

So that's where the Grass Pin is.

I save before speaking to the flower again, who heals Ark's wounds.

I check back to that forest in the southeast.

forest entrance

forest treasure

Ooh, treasure...

It's another healing bulb and more money.

Outside again...

This small clump of mountains in the middle is probably our next dungeon.

entrance mountain