Terranigma - Part 26: Green New World

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Here comes the first sign of new life surfacing...


Rain pours down...


The plant sprouts...slowly...

A strong wind blows the small flower's petals away...

petals fall

It transforms into a dandelion, sprouting its seeds far and wide...


seeds blow

land turns green

seed drops

Back to Ark, as leaves fall before him...and the world becomes green once again...

restored evegreen

I check around the now-blossoming forest.

The flytrap here barks.

Flowers start appearing, and they thank us for resurrecting them.

Some plants recall the old days when birds and animals flocked to the garden.

One flower points out the tree that we came from earlier is the Ra Tree, or the game's equivalent of the Tree of Life.

ra tree

Flower: "It has watched life evolve far before the coming of humans."

The Ra Tree wants to talk to us...

One flower east of the tree mentions a paradise for birds, and the birds often flocked near the Ra Tree.

Another tells us our work isn't complete. Unless other living things are resurrected again, the flower says that "the world still feels lonely."

One tulip sneezes and bursts as Ark dashes past them.

A little cute critter appears from a tiny palm tree.

bouncing critter


I have Ark explore the newborn paradise.

I accidentally leave, and see the world in its green glory.

outside world map

The portal where we came from is no longer red, but the cliffs still make the area look desolate...

I check the Guiana. There's now a flower nearby...

guiana restored

I go back to the garden, back to the small palm tree before the Ra Tree. Instead of the critter talking, Ark eats them. Oh Ark...

ark eats critter

Now to talk to the Ra Tree.

Ra Tree: "It is good of you to come."

i am ra

Ra Tree: "Deep underground, I sensed and awaited long for your arrival."

So the Ra Tree was the one speaking to us before we went inside its roots...

Ra Tree: "Living things on the surface are locked in sleep, the way we were. Ark. You must roam this world. Hear the voices of living things. The path you must now take will be marked by plants. I have a small gift [for you]. Summon me with it if you require healing."

grass pin

A Grass Pin?

I go back to the menu, to check if the Grass Pin is there. I also forgot to equip the Leaf Suit!