Terranigma - Part 25: Parasite

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This is probably going to be the last days where I'll do a playthrough before my hiatus, so here we go!

I wonder if there's a resting place around here? Probably not, since the world's still being born, and there are no people around.

From a video I watched, I learn that Ark can push rocks. I have Ark try it on the boulders near the purple pool.

boulder push

I use up some healing bulbs, take care of the two Dignals, and proceed into the tunnel with the haunted-looking awning...


Oh boy...

Ark continues walking in the darkness.

The Dewdrop clears out the poison gas in this area!


The boss, a Parasite, pops out of the hole!

parasite 2

Other fanged creatures, maybe part of the Parasite, shoot out fireballs!

I have Ark recover his lost health from touching the parasite...

The parasite's tricky to take care of, so I have Ark aim for the fireball-spouting creatures!

After a few attacks on the fireball-spouting parasite, they speak to us!

not over yet

The parasite shows its eye at us and throws out more of their spawn! Meanwhile, their number two, the centipede, crawls and charges in and out of the holes around the decaying tree...

centipede and eye

After two rounds with the Parasite's fanged spawn, I have Ark go after the eye!

But I be careful as the eye also attacks too...

Eventually, the fireworks happen...

parasite defeated

Someone else speaks to us next...

voice speak

"Ark. I have waited long for this moment. Plants changed into monsters should regain their forms. Green will soon carpet the world. But remember this..."

resurrection too early

Too early!?

"You must lead the growth of living things."