Terranigma - Part 24: Underground Garden

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climbing down

One long climb later...

underground life

Oh my god...

its beautiful

There's life teeming underground...

Interacting with the flower, they talk to us, whfg yvxr va Fbhy Oynmre...

thank you saving

Lily: "The surface is ruined, but deep under, recovery is taking place."

Lily mentions a plant to use as flippers nearby, and tells us to use them. After a few seconds, I find the plant.

giant leaves get

Now Ark can swim!!!

Yomi appears again, and asks if Ark can't swim. Oh, Yomi.

cannot swim

Ark calls out Yomi's "lack of tact." These two could be a comic duo...

never dull moment

After that small moment, I hover to the menu to check out Ark's new "flippers."

giant leaves menu

I have Ark swim south to pick up some Magirock, and talk to the flower before the waterfalls.


Back up we go...

back up to cave

This place is so nice, but we have to make sure we see places like this everywhere...

I have Ark return to the staircase leading to those blue pools of water...

Dang these rolling monkeys, and flowers!

While going back to the blue pools of water, I learn that Ark can swim in purple pools too...

ark swim purple

It's all down from here...

down into cave

Lucky the game devs didn't damage Ark for swimming without flippers...

At the lowest level of the caves, we see another lily.


Lily: "The surface is devastated. There is nowhere that we can survive. Drink from this spring. You will be shielded from vile poison."

ra dewdrop

I equip the dewdrop to block the rafflesia's poison.

In the area east of the island where we got the dewdrop...

next waterfall area

The lily here tells us to open the "chest," or the "Abbee husk" near her.

leaf suit

Looks like we get new armor, yes!

I have Ark swim to the end of the cavern, and pick up a Magirock from behind a waterfall...

The tulip on the southeast corner tells us a short tale.

evegreen tale

Like in the 2D Zelda games, pressing B makes Ark swim faster...

Back to the other floors, now that Ark can swim, which places should we go to next?

I climb two floors back.

So the monkeys here are named Dignals, and they can throw their partners to attack us...

I still get poisoned by the flowers here! Then I realize I have to sip the Dewdrop first!

More action later, we're back at the second floor! I have Ark swim across the purple water to reach the north passage here.

swim across

I open the Abbee husks to get more healing bulbs and a new weapon: a Ra Spear!

ra spear

Now, to take care of the Dignals with this new spear...

At the east, I notice the awning of this passage looks different, like it's inviting us in.

spooky awning

I go down the west staircase instead.

That passage led us back to the first floor of the cavern...

After a few minutes of action, we exit the cavern, trying to find a place to rest...

Looks like Ark can swim in the pools of the Evegreen too, without any damage.

I have Ark return to the portal entrance and stop my session there.