Terranigma - Part 22: Resurrection of the World

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We're now at the next chapter of this game!

chapter 2

Where will Ark land?

ark at portal

Where is Ark now? In Australia, or in Eurasia?

"How much time has passed? Ark slowly opened his eyes to a barren wasteland devoid of life."

Ark wakes up and looks around.

Ark: "So this is [from] the hole I came through. There's no turning back now."

what a desolate world

Ark: "Barren land, stale air. No life could exist here."

this to resurrect

Yeah, where do we start, Ark?

Yomi bounces out of nowhere and giggles.

let's get with program

Yomi: "Ark. You can think but that won't change the world."
Ark: "Yeah, You can afford to be optimistic. We've been suddenly dropped into an empty world. It's hard not to be worried about what's up ahead."


Where to start, though?

I have Ark walk around the wasteland.

Up north, we find a save point!

save point

Once we save this file, we cannot return to the world where we came from...

I save and proceed.

red world

The music for this map sounds different, less tragic, more orchestral.

amazon head

A prompt above Ark's head shows where we are: near the Amazon River. So we've been dropped into South America.

I go to the blue pool in the middle of the river: Evegreen.


Holy heck, the whole place is covered in lava!

As we move forward, a voice calls to Ark.

come here

A few steps later, the voice calls Ark again...

i have waited

Is this the Tree of Mana talking to us?

There's a lost soul west of the dead tree...

The lost soul has items that they can sell us.

I have Ark crawl into the small hole in the tree, entering a dead cavern, where a plant's shooting out deadly spores...

I leave the cavern and go back to the world map.

Other locations I visit:


The Guiana...

desolate land

This blowing, desolate snowfield...or is it a desert?

The soul here is a Magishop keeper, who has a Fire Ring and a Zap Ring to sell us.

I purchase two Fire Rings and two Zap Rings. Here they are:

zap ring

I return to the cavern, and save before the tunnel forward.