Terranigma - Part 21: The Real Journey's Start

I'm at the point before I face the Elder again, who tells us to follow him to the Hole.

I speak to Elle, weeping that Ark might not come back...

The fortune teller has a new vision for Ark...

fortune teller

I max up on small bulbs of garlic, and talk to the rest of the villagers to see if anything's changed. Nothing much.

Back at the Hole, the Elder says his piece, and asks us again if we have any unfinished business. None.

The Elder has more words.

crystal spear you got

So we literally opened not just an ordinary box, but Pandora's box...

Elder: "It is effective only under crystal blue, that is, in our world." What?

Elder: "On the surface, you must use a healing bulb to regain strength. Do not be stingy with items in desperate times." *remembers the boss we faced earlier*

Elder: "Such are the secrets behind longevity. though You will face perilous challenges, never shall You quail."

be off with you

Well, that's a blunt goodbye. Or maybe because the Elder has more faith in us than everyone else?

hole area

So, this is the area where we jump off, huh? Nothing happens, though.

We go back to where the Elder's located and jump down into the abyss...

The abyss swirls and spins as Ark tumbles down...


A white light takes Ark.