Terranigma - Part 20: The Hole of No Return

We go outside the town, noticing that there's something east of there...

entrance to hole


An eerie, ominous siren wails as this tune plays.

There's the Elder on the other side of the chasm...what is he planning?

elder watching hole

Elder: "The crevasse leads to the surface. It is a strange world, an infinite pool with island[s], continents."

once vibrant

Elder: "But all life ended on the surface leaving only the ravaged land."

i wish to see

Ark's in amazement.

Ark: "Wow! That's some story. I'm trying to come to grips with it. You're thinking grand [...] though. I have to hand it to you."

The Elder doesn't waste words.

revive the world

Elder: "Once you venture across, you cannot return until your duty is done." Oh god... ☹

He asks if we "have any unfinished business." I take a deep breath, and feeling unprepared, say "yes."

be no better prepared

I stop my session at this point.